What's going on? And other stuff...

It's summer and I get psyched and cozy every day that the temperature lands somewhere around 30 degrees Celsius (about 86 degrees Fahrenheit). I get sentimental (in a good way) and dream of going back to Dallas.

Home is where the heart lies

But there are a couple of questions left unanswered... Like important e-mails for instance. Aren't they getting the e-mail? Are they on summer vacation? If you read this and feel pin pointed - contact me if you feel that you should be getting e-mail.

I wrote another song a couple of days ago and recorded it. The name?

"Close to Heart"

Actually. I might be finishing off what may become my forth demo. I have the songs, the cover work and the title. Another question though. Could it be too close to "wolflike they are" - the best demo I've made thus far? Oh - The title of the new one?

"The summer of fallen Miss Takes"

The songs are, sound wise, pretty summer sounding. Soft tunes - doubled vocals - a bit poppier - melodica - acoustic guitar - new drum loops and programming - fallen angels - razors - hatchets - big sleep - leaving - cherubs - misunderstood understandings - sampled horns blowing deranged and backwards - older goes distorted with feedback - repeated chorus.

Actually - At summertime I would rather keep to not analyzing. My head is mostly comfortable with staring into the sun and letting the steady stream of consciousness take a hold of the brain activity. If it gets too vivid - I go for a swim in the ocean.

Next week there will be some pretty exciting stuff coming up. Inspiration at the
Accelerator Festival with Hot Chip, Death Cab for Cutie and oops! flashback! - Silver Jews amongst others. David and I will go to the Danish island of Samsö for a three-day vacation. We will also start planning the recording of David's second solo album (speaking of poppier!!!). The Biggest and greatest news of the week though is for the 8th of July but as I said - next week. I'll post it next week. So make sure you check back! I may even do a mail out!
Next week!!!

Ta Ta,

Posted by: Anders

Hi Sara,

did you recive my last mail about the japanese Amaterasu? Just want to be sure, since you mention some mail-problems here.

I hope you will enjoy Samsø, I've actually never been there myself. Should be beautiful.

I'm really looking forward to hear yours and David's new songs. I have really enjoyed (and enjoying) "Wolflike they are".

Posted by: Sara Culler

I JUST told David to respond to you regarding that e-mail (yes, I got it :-)
Yes - we are quite curious about Samsö ourselves.
Thank you for enjoying my "wolflike they are"!
You are the best!

2006-06-28 @ 22:24:13

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