For the first time in a studio!!!

Ok. On Friday morning (6.11 am) I'll be leaving for Ireland to play my first gig as a solo artist! "For the first time ... in a bright light" (you know who you are and thank you ;O)!!! I have been rehearsing MUCHOS and it's actually starting to sound really good and professional!

As if debuting live isn't enough... I'll be travelling directly from Ireland to Stockholm to record some of MY OWN songs in a REAL studio! My own songs! For the first time in a studio! We are starting with four days of recording but I'll be going back and forth to Stockholm a couple of times this fall. The end result - the final product of the recording will have to be the next surprise in this long growing row of chain effects… Thank you Little Animal ;O)!!!

If you are someone with the interest in releasing my songs or in any other business way needing to get in contact with me please go about it
this way.

Yours truly,
Sara Culler

Posted by: anna

Wow! Det är så roligt att läsa att det händer så många roliga saker för dig! Jag önskar mig en liknande kedjereaktion för mina små projekt! ;) Det kommer när det är redo hoppas jag!

Jag ska försöka komma till Malmö i tid så jag kan se David & the citiens imorgon!


Posted by: Anders

Wow, congratulations Sara!! Sounds cool! Let's hope that things start to take off soon now!

Best of luck with the concert in Ireland, looking forward to hearing about it :-)

2006-08-23 @ 18:20:56
Posted by: Lilla Djuret

Jag har satt upp massa syntar i studion som står och väntar. Magnus håller på att greja med micar och sladdar.


2006-08-24 @ 11:23:36

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