Ireland here I come!

I'm at the rehearsal space now almost EVERY day. David has learned the bass lines and also refreshed the drums. The porta studio backtracking me is of course flawless… There is one problem though - my voice. I think it's got to do with a cold, wet, damp and beer filled Emmaboda Festival… I don't really know what to do other than sip hot tea and eat apples, which reminds me - gotta go buy some more tea and apples…

The set is almost in place. I will be directing you through the passages of my latest demo "Wolflike They Are" and also through the hazy shade of three new songs - which I really hope you (the audience) will like.

It'll be an early morning. David and I'll be leaving with the 6.11 train to Gothenburg where the flight departs at Gothenburg City Airport. We play with David & the Citizens on the big stage at the Malmö Festival the night before - but there will be NO PARTYING afterwards - straight to bed…

I have the feeling that Ireland is going to be great! Since this whole thing first got started I haven't talked to ANYONE who hasn't been awesomely, incredibly and magnificently nice! Thank you guys!


Posted by: Andrew

hello Sara

I was wondering, do you know what time you will be playing at the festival? It would be a great help as I need to arrange buses and things to get there. Thank you for your help

2006-08-20 @ 15:35:25
Posted by: Sara

I think I have a very late stage time. About 11.45 but I'm not 100%... Be there around ten then you'll be safe! GREAT fun that you'll be showing up!!!
See you there!

2006-08-20 @ 20:19:10
Posted by: Anna

hej sara!
nu försöker jag på mig en egen får se hur det går! det var häftigt att träffa Guruji!
var och när var kommer ni att spela på Malmö Festivalen?

Posted by: Tove

Lycka till på Irland!

2006-08-21 @ 15:19:11
Posted by: Sara

Hej Tove!
Enligt scenkonstens regler får man inte säga tack för det betyder otur - så jag får nog låta bli ;O)
Hoppas att det blir lite spelningar i Sverige också så kan du komma :O)

2006-08-22 @ 10:32:28
Posted by: anneke

have a lot of fun in ireland! hope to see you in holland sometime ;)

2006-08-22 @ 14:29:07
Posted by: Sara

Hi Anneke! Long time no see!
As I said to Tove:
The unwritten law of performance art is to not say thank you when being wished good luck - so I'll have to not say that then ;O)
Regarding your MySpace comment:
Just let me know when you have the money and I'll keep one here for you! :O)

2006-08-23 @ 11:34:33

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