A Strange World...

The internet is a strange world.
A world on it's own - living it's own life - CREATING it's own life.
A year ago or two - I was browsing around the internet for radio stuff and interviews with Lisa Germano. I found
WNYC's Spinning on Air with the host and the owner of one of the greatest radio voices of all time David Garland. I also found a GREAT two hour interview and a scanning of her, at that time, new album - Lullaby for Liquid Pig. Super!
Last night - unwilling to face the pillow and restless sleep - I found that this show had played April & May, David's song from his solo album Amaterasu. We were both VERY intrigued, or let me rephrase that - PSYCHED!!!
The internet is therefore not only a strange world but also a small world - So small that you rarely need a map to navigate…

Sara's strange world

This restless, sleepless night I also found a blog with some VERY interesting writing. I enjoyed it although I didn't really and fully understand if it was prose or autobiographical. The thing that touched me the most was the effort and soul the person had poured into involving my song "At Least Like Melissa" in the text. It was the perfect example of how a listener can set ones lyrics into his or her own life or context. At the end there was a little review of my song:

"This song took me by surprise. The instrumentation sparing and quiet, allowing way for the voice to float in with venom disguised as a platitude; a whisper in your lover's ear. Escape and freedom resonate from the ending chapter of the song where words are ditched in favour of ad-libbed vocals cascading along tributaries. It's the voice of a fallen Angel; still angelic and beautiful, but further from Heaven than any of us could ever know. And at the end of the song, as a deep breath is taken and then coughed back out, you accept your sadness. Because it's your sadness; no one elses. You embrace it with open arms; you look at yourself in the mirror and see it staring back at you - your one, true, reliable friend".

Read the whole text at the blog - Say Anything Syndrome.
Thank You to the one who wrote it.


Posted by: Sara

All is full of love...

2006-06-19 @ 11:33:45

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