More New Stuff...

Three new songs are added to my recording list:
- Leave a Blank Sheet
- Untitled
- A cover - therefore a secret...

Just so you all know...

"wolflike they are" is a great demo and I'm glad that even I find pleasure in listening to it... I'm always my biggest critic... I'm also very happy that so many of you have bought it and that you like it as well :-)

Summer is here and I got to get outside before it's too late.
By the way. I friend requested (on
MySpace) one of my all time favorite artists yesterday. It was a fan site but I thought what the heck... I've been listening to this person since 1994-95 something and I still get blown away by her presence. Like a spear through my heart but in a good way and if I where younger I would have said that we where soul mates or best friends in a parallel universe... Listen and - just listen... Lisa Germano. Oh, and she's releasing a new CD soon (Yeeaahh!) in July. Sounds great from what I've heard.

Take care y'all.

Sara The Fly

Posted by: Anders

Gillar verkligen dina nya sånger! Kul att få höra. Hälsa David!

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