A Small Recording Update

After a little computer break and chat with a friend of mine I decided to write a small little recording update.

Got to get back to the porta studio - got to get back to the porta studio - say, "f**k you" to one of the songs 'cause it's not really cooperating with me right now... Start a new one - it's really a clean and quiet song compared to the others... so this'll be what my ears need right now. They are just sooo fed up with this one song. It's kind of fun - working on a lot of songs simultaneously. I usually tend to over work on one song - finish it and then move on - but this time it's different. I can easily drop one song when I get tired or my ears go all numb and gracefully move on to a new and fresh song. So right now I hate "Wicked Autumn Kiss" but I'll hopefully love working with "I Bleed You Tonight" for a while.

All in all - three songs are totally done - One is one second from being finished - One is in the finishing.

By for now,


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