Two months ago I really thought my new demo would be out and circulating by March 16th
It's freckin' irritating, frustrating and annoying. Problems are all over the place. All I really need to do is print the covers. First I thought that I could run them through an ordinary printer but NOOO… I will probably need to hire a professional printer or something so the colors look good. I had such bad feelings before 'cause my covers looked sooo boring and ordinary so this time I thought I'd do something special… But there is a price you have to pay and at this time I really don't have that much money. I'll get some soon but I don't have it now… And I'm going to manage to pull this through - just so you know it - And Don't Forget It!
As soon as the papers are printed I'll put a song out there for you - Here or on my MySpace. We'll just have to wait and see…
I really hope that you aren't getting bored with me…
Anyway. Here is a miniature of one of my cover details (let's call it an appetizer ;-):



Posted by: Alex

I've heard one of your solo songs and a couple of your duets, and I love them all. Keep singing; I'll look for your CD when it comes out..

2006-03-23 @ 04:01:56
Posted by: Sara

Hi Alex!
Thanx! Check back in maybe two weeks and perhaps the cd (demo) will be done!

2006-03-23 @ 12:21:40

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