Today is a day where I feel like everything is hopeless and that the forces in the music world of Sweden are against me. That's when I turn to good memories - my safe places.
One recent safe place is when Lisa Wall @ Casino P4 (Swedish Public Radio Channel 4) played "My Newborn Name (Duet with David Fridlund)". This weeks Joker - this weeks demo - Lisa Wall states:
"Sara and David have the experience of singing together - but here their voices are opposed. And it is so obviously Sara's own (sound) - not David as a solo artist or David & the Citizens - Welcome Sara"!
Other than Lisa - Sweden is a cold place right now. Not because of the snow but because of the silence…
You people out there familiar with the Swedish language visit the joker page

Another safe place is in my music. The songs are now completely done. I've been having issues with the art work but hopefully I'll get it sorted out ASAP…

I appreciate your every single visit to this blog. It would be nice to read more comments - then I can see you as something more than the statistics when I log in...

It's a lonely job but hey, I got to do it - otherwise I'll be a no one to myself.

From me to me - shut the whining and get back to work…

Kiss and good day to you all,


Posted by: Anders

Why are nobody commenting? To shy?

I am so looking forward to the new songs! Have you tried to send your stuff to Vega, as a danish person mentioned in here?

Hopefully the new demo will give you some new opportunities (spelled right?). I'll keep my fingers crossed. More people should be aware of your music!


Posted by: anneke

i'm looking forward to the new songs and i'm really curious about the artwork now!

you should listen to the mystery jets, they will cheer you up ;)

2006-03-15 @ 00:57:06
Posted by: Sara

Anders: Thanx!
Well, I have no idea - but sometimes it feels kind of sad... I will try Vega but at this moment I really do not feel that - me alone with a guitar - will do my songs any justice. I could but I just don't want people's first impression to be - One More Girl With A Guitar...
I have high hopes for my new demo but that's kind of scary. I never really like to expect the best - I rather expect the worst and be awesomely surprised!
Anneke: Thanx! I'm just about to post a new complaint on my blog telling you all how bad everything is coming with the cover... I'm glad that you're curious about my artwork but at the moment I get kind of scared that you all will think:
"what the #&%¤?!"= was she talking about" ;-)
To both Anders and Anneke: Thanx for supporting me :-)!!!

2006-03-16 @ 22:27:45
Posted by: anneke

oh you're welcome. the miniature looks good, i'm patient, i'm still obsessed with the mystery jets so i will survive the waiting ;)

take care!

2006-04-10 @ 23:17:02

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