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The gig went great. At least David thought so. I thought it was OK but had some trouble with technical stuff… My vintage Japanese distortion (I call it Kamikaze distortion) decided to NOT WORK in the third song… I forgot to put the capo on the right fret… When I was to restart the song my digi porta didn't want to re-start… … … So A few words got lost in the beginning of the last song… Overall people said they liked the show a LOT. My friends said that the sound wasn't that good - the backtracks MUCH too loud which kind of buried the vocals in the soundscape… One good thing was that I sold ALL my demos!!! I only brought "wolflike they are" but now they're all gone so I have to fix some new ones for my next show!

One of the people in the audience -
Viktoria - AKA Mangobruden - posted a blog about the Juliana Hatfield show and she mentioned me as well. She took this picture and if you click it you can read what she had to say about the show (in Swedish).

Sara Culler KB

For you non-Swedes:
Sara Culler was the support act. It sounded good. If I were to categorize her she would end up somewhere in-between Frida Hyvönen and Anna Ternheim. This will maybe become something. A pleasant listening.

Juliana her self was REALLY nice. She gave some great inputs about the music business - She's been around a LONG time so I HONESTLY respect her. I haven't really listened to her solo stuff that much. I borrowed "Become What You Are" a few times at the library. She gave me her new album and her address so that I can send her my music. I'll be listening to it today!

This coming week there may be a possibility that I'll be posting a LOT of news!!!

Take care,

Posted by: Mangobruden


Sara du verkar så snäll och tacksam! OCH så spelar du bra. Det är en ära att få lyssna till det du skapar.

Keep up the good work! Jag kommer hålla ögonen och öronen öppna för dig.

Posted by: Sara

Tack så JÄTTEMYCKET för den fina kommentaren!!!!
Det värmer :O)

2006-11-14 @ 00:09:40

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