About a Girl

I know this girl. She's giving up. She practically doesn't exist.
They've mashed her and squashed her, leaving her somewhat transparent.
She has tried the speak and spell for years but nothing worked. She tried to blame herself and not the world. She has tried to save the world but not herself. It's eating up her guts, all empty. Deserves not the food already. The ice cold truth rises at dawn and sleeps with her at night.
Could they even see their wrongs, how could they even say she's wrong?
They're tearing up her world in shreds and leaving nothing but the shallow truth - she's ill.
But gazing deeper one can see - the lamest hearts of tragedy. They can't face the fact they've acted cruel. Therefore she's ill and empty too.

What shall this poor girl do? I'm behind her and if it weren't for the oceans that separate us then I'd force it all to stop.




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