Opportunities and money

I often get scared that opportunities will pass me by. My dear friend Rocky of the band Oppenheimer (my favorite band as you all know) has offered me to record my stuff countless of times. Now he has built this great recording studio in the heart of Belfast and it's in this old building that is about one thing only - Music! From what I've heard it's him and some other people from Snow Patrol, Ash and other important Northern Ireland music biz profiles that are making this whole machinery work and I think it seems like a wonderful place to create! Rocky offered me to record an entire album worth of songs there but once again - Like soooo many times before in life - I can't make it money wise. We have a savings jar but it's not even over 1000 SEK worth yet... Like Rocky says - He will get to record me someday. I just don't know how to keep hope up here any more. The industry here in Sweden is all about knowing the "right people", brown nosing them to get the hype and I don't mix with that. The global music industry is a lot about that, I know, but Sweden is extreme. I need to get out of here...

At the deli where I (used to) work, about a month and a half ago I got my hand stuck in a slicing machine - A machine that you cut ham and salami with. I cut the knuckle of my left index finger and to make a long story short - I'm not getting any hour shifts there anymore... At the ER they sewed the wound wrong and 2 weeks later when the nurses took the stitches they tore it up again. The wound got inflamed because the nurses didn't know how to treat it properly and the doctor I had put me on a too high dose of strong antibiotics. Finally, after about three weeks, got to see a specialist. I had to go to the ER to get a referral 'cause none of the clinic doctors would write one. At the specialist's they only had one word for it all - Malpractice!

About the money - I can't help the feeling of bitterness grow and I'm fighting it with the few yogic powers that I possess but my strength is running out. I'm doing a translation job from English to Swedish for a yoga studio/hair salon homepage and that's fun but I don't know how much I'll get paid or how much it will help our household? I wish I could record an album that I can shove in the face of the labels that have showed "some" interest in me. I wish it for myself and I wish it for you all who read this. I LOVE the few comments I get here and I love the comments on my MySpace too - Still I wish more of you would say SOMETHING when dropping by here.

It's so sad that money should have such power. I mean both David and I are so happy and in love with and in our engagement but we both think it kind of sucks not even being able to make bigger plans for our wedding because of freckin' money.

Sorry for this gloomy post but somebody had to say something around here.

Posted by: Catarina

Don?t know if you will remember me, the girl with pony Palle?
I?m delighted to hear that you?re working and making music since I can remember it that has always been a big thing in your life. Very sorry to hear though that you have to struggle so much to make it work. I just want to wish you the best of luck!
/ Catarina

2007-12-07 @ 13:07:19
Posted by: Sara

Hej Catarina!
Tusen tack för din fina kommentar.
Det är klart att jag kommer ihåg dig :O)
Jag tänker faktiskt på dig ofta och även ponnyerna vi hade. Hur är det med dig? Jag mötte din mor för något år sedan och hon sa att du jobbar för fullt med hästar fortfarande och har varit på Irland mm.
Hör gärna av dig (se till höger under categories och clicka sedan contact).

Posted by: M

Jag vet, det är så trist att bara för att man inte springer åt samma håll som ponnyn med den allra glansigaste svansen, så får man inte vara med (ursäkta hästliknelsen, den bara kom).

Men jag tror att om man inte ger upp utan står i sin del av hagen och sin grej så visar man andra att det det är möjligt. Och hur ska de andra som inte vill springa åt samma håll kunna hitta en om man inte gör sin grej? Men det är hårt ibland (ofta).

För övrigt så tycker jag att du ska anmäla felbehandlingen till patienskadenämnden. Lägger länken nedanför.

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