This complaining and ruthless nagging

I'm taking a break from adding vocals on David's tracks for his free download EP. It feels strange working on recordings again. I haven't done that since I recorded vocals for Oppenheimer. Speaking of which I can't wait for their new album!!!

It's strange how ones passions suddenly can get tossed around. After certain incidents and peoples actions I have really come to question my existence and also if I'm at all supposed to keep on struggling with music here in Sweden. Most of the business response I've gotten has come from abroad and the feeling I have about the who's-hot-and-who's-not way of living here in Sweden is as you all know not approved by myself... Belonging to the click, the group who keeps each other's backs - The different awards that are so typical for this time of year. Swedish nominees for - Level one - The same relations within the "underground band level" get nominated. Level two - The same relations within the "mainstream level" get nominated. No names but look at the different lists and you'll get the picture...

Today is Lucia. David woke me up with candles, saffron rolls that we baked yesterday evening whilst watching Heroes and a cup of tea. It's gray outside. It's like Narnia's 'The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe' minus the snow. Here some wicked witch or wizard, probably person, has cast a spell on the southern part of Sweden making it gray all year around - Never sun - Never snow - Just gray. It's really depressing.

I think there is something degenerative about mankind. Global warming and how stubborn humanity is. For example how slow freckin' Swedes are on taking actions. Even Swedish scientists were like -
"Oh - Al Gore is over exaggerating - Ices won't start melting yet - We say 50-100 years". Yeah, great guys - we'll be dead or living in a water world before you know it. Go and buy presents for your family and add to the statistics that show that Sweden is the country that consumes the most/capita of all the countries in the world - Crazy!!! Sweden is a lovely country and I can absolutely see myself growing old here but for now I need a break. That is why I'm planning on moving. Also - This complaining and ruthless nagging has to come to an end. I promise to stop pestering you with my semi bitterness ;o)

Speaking of lists. I usually list the year that has past but I'm quite reluctant to do so about this year. There are things that I would want to list - Want to write about but I'm afraid to. I might just do a best of list instead and leave all the B.S events and actions out of it. We'll see.

Speaking of recording - I might start to record a little something but I'm just waiting to install Battery or Redrum so that I can continue on the way I started with my song 'Keep The Silence' that is to be released as a single with me on side A and David & the Citizens on side B. You'll get to hear it soon enough.

I have to go and have a second breakfast now.
Thanks for your time!
Sincerely, Sara


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