I would really like to play for you

The days go into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. I've gotten a lot of sweet email from people wanting me to play here and there. I love getting the mail so keep it coming. When it comes to me playing for you - I would really like to. As a matter of fact I'd love to but in the case of the email exiting a computer outside Sweden - I can't afford to go. When it comes to email exiting computers from Sweden - I can only say - Talk to venues and tell them you want to see me play. I have been out there. They know I exist but the question is - Do they know in what way? There has been a whole lot of crap circulating about and all I can say is that HOPEFULLY in the end the right people will realize where the garbage is coming from. Slander. Bullies. Lost ten kilos... I can't get into detail. I'm trying to take days as they come now - Doctors orders... Live for the moment...

I would really, really like to play for you. Would love to play for you in Sweden too - If you'll have me???

Apart from it all - I'm working on a download-and-print-it-yourself CD. For you 'cause I like you listening to me. In my mind at the moment is a stripped down, still electric but also acoustic and organic CD. Songs that I will be able to perform with or without backtracks. There might be a total of seven songs - Six new and one in a different approach. I'll have to wait and see if the final result becomes just that... The idea is kind of a mini album.

Confessions for today:
  • I want a Fender Mustang - The one I fell in love with in New York 10 years ago (se picture for similar guitar).
  • I think Ida Maria has a lovely voice in that Peugeot commercial - I fell for a commercial (...).
  • I'm recording a cover of an OLD David & the Citizens song...
  • I love David (hey - what's new... duh... I suck).

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