BBC Airtime - Again!

"Stephen McCauley for President" is a great song by my all-time favorite band - The Bar/None released and Belfast based Oppenheimer!

Stephen McCauley is the host of BBC Radio Foyle Northern Ireland's amazing show - Electric Mainline. I have mentioned both him and the radio show before - When he played "At Least Like Melissa" from "wolflike they are" - And now I'll do it again.

The reason this time is that he has taken a liking to my new demo - "Miss Takes - Light The Night!". This past Tuesday - May 1 - He played the last song on the demo - "Leave A Blank Sheet".

Now because Stephen is a great guy with an exquisite taste in music ;o) he will play more of my music on the show. If you want to hear the May 1 show click here (only good before the evening of May 8) - But I also think you should listen to his show more often and find new great, music - He also plays a lot of the great stuff that's brewing out of Northern Ireland these days.

When it comes to "Stephen McCauley for President" - I would definitely put my vote on him!!!



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