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I love the new album from Morr Music "son" Ben Cooper - Also known from the fantastic Electric President!!! Radical Face is his name in this new project that is entitled "Ghost".

Now - I'm not setting off to do a review of the album - I just want to let those know who don't already know about him. Read
this review and download the song Welcome Home, Son! It could be one of the most captivating songs I've heard. Hand clapping used in a not too common order to give drive to, to stress and to push forward the motion in the song. Where as in Electric President - These handclaps would be exchanged for some, more obviously digital, sounds (maybe the handclaps are digital but organic they are still) - GREAT! Symphonic and big chorus with that nostalgic, sentimental tone and scent that makes you all goose bumpy and teary eyed!!! !!! !!!
Or just head off to the Hype Machine, type Radical Face and click to whatever track - they are all GREAT!
Oh and don't forget - BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Radical Face MySpace


Posted by: Mango

Hej Sara!

Jag är i Malmö nu. Ska vi ses?

Posted by: Annika.

Tack. Det värmde ett hjärta i ett regnigt Amsterdam. Om ni bara visste alla nätter alla dagar som David & the Citizens har tagit mig igenom. Många är det i alla fall =) Men det löser sig, det gör det alltid, säger Timbuktu. Nu ska jag ta och lyssna på dina låtar!

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