How to Buy My Demos (an update)

To Buy My Music

Read this first!
It's always great to know if you're planning on sending me anything - in case the letter/package gets lost in the jungle of the postal service... Also - coins tend to ruin envelopes and get lost along the way so try to send bills but if this isn't possible tape the coins to a piece of paper or a card.

  1. Specify CD.
  2. Send money calculated/CD and an addressed (your address) envelope.
  3. Sara Culler
    Södra Parkgatan 33
    214 22, Malmö
  4. E-mail me before you order at:
    saraculler [at] gmail [dot] com

Click the pictures for close-ups!

Miss Takes - Light - The Night!
printed slip WITH Lyrics in plastic pocket!!!

50 SEK / 7 Euros / 10 USD

'"wolflike they are" (2006)
special edition (90 copies and counting down!)


50 SEK / 7 Euros / 10 USD

"wolflike they are" (2006)
ordinary plastic pocket demo

40 SEK / 6 Euros / 8.50 USD

"You" Is More Me Than "I" (2005)


30 SEK / 5 Euros / 5.50 USD

"Five Song Demo" (2003)


30 SEK / 5 Euros / 5.50 USD


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