New Gig! And other stuff...

Hey you all!
I've got a cold but I'm totally manic, recording what will become a pop anthem ;O)
Working title "But Are You Sleeping"...

Anyway. I'm writing to let you all know that I'll be opening for
Juliana Hatfield at KB on the 9th of November.
The cover charge is 100 SEK. Doors open at 8.00 PM Show starts at 9.00 PM. That is 20.00 and 21.00 for you Europeans ;o)

I will also be travelling with David & the Citizens to do some backing vox on some of their Swedish and European dates. If your are at any of the shows you'll be able to buy my bestseller demo - Wolflike They Are -

Good music and the nicest people are:
- OPPENHEIMER (thanx for existing, Rocky)!
- Futia Expo '79 (thanx for beautiful songs and a good cooperation)!

Check them out!


Recording - Listening...
Photo: Felicia Culler

Posted by: Mango


Jag är hemma heladagarna, sjukskriven från jobbet. 6:e oktober ska jag spela i Kalmar med Jonny Kock, kommer inte upp till huvudstaden tidigare tyvärr.
Roligt med din spelning på KB! Jag bistår gärna med bastoner, visslingar och fläktsus!

Hoppas du är kryare!

Posted by: unknown

You are so pretty!

2006-09-23 @ 18:13:30

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