Sara + SXSW + = TRUE!!! light light light green

Texas - I'm coming home! For the first time in ten years I'll be returning to my 'home state'! In other words:

I'm going to South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival to play at's SXSW live broadcast!!! WOXY will be hosting live Lounge sessions from a secluded Austin location the entire week of the festival from Monday thru Saturday.

I'll be flying in on March 13th only to find a few hours sleep before I get broadcasted via Internet "airwaves" to the ears of you!!!

This is a thing I've been keeping a secret for quite some time now and ohhhh myyyy how hard it's been… I just can not tell you all how psyched I am about this! It's such a wonderful opportunity and honor for me to play at AND during SXSW!!!

The wonderful guys Matt and Mike, who run the station, are just too great to be true. As you know, has two songs from my demo 'Wolflike They Are' on rotation - 'At Least Like Melissa' and 'Wolflike They Are'. This has helped a lot of wonderful people find their way here to me and every single one of them are welcome more than they'll ever know :o)

Well. Now I have to go and digest the announcement of this great news myself! I do need to warn you that some more BIG news will be announced shortly. Probably within a week - A week and a half maybe.


Posted by: Yogini

jag skulle vilja prova bikramyoga. visst finns det i malmö? hur kommer jag i kontakt med tjejen som erbjuder denna form av yoga? tack för hjälpen!

kul att det går så bra för dig! jag följer dig via den här bloggen!

Posted by: Luke Hoersten

Damn I can't believe I missed you at SXSW! I was living in Austin, TX up until a few weeks before when I had to go back to Ohio =/ What poor timing!

Is the paypal working yet for buying albums?

2008-01-23 @ 14:51:18

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