Telephone interview!


I just did a "phoner" - A telephone interview for Swedish Public Radio P4!
They played "Blackbird Duet" from my live studio session + Close To Heart - The first song off my new demo "Miss Takes - Light The Night!"!!! The interview is in Swedish but the songs are not so listen!!!

Listen to the broadcast at
this link and click April 24 and then 15.30 - 16.00 Tuesday April 24.

The link will work for 30 days.



Hey - WOW and hectic in NYC!!!

Anyway. Listen to my SXSW show

See pictures here!

Top five great times ever!

1000 thanks to woxy for having me!!!


Sara + SXSW + = TRUE!!! light light light green

Texas - I'm coming home! For the first time in ten years I'll be returning to my 'home state'! In other words:

I'm going to South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival to play at's SXSW live broadcast!!! WOXY will be hosting live Lounge sessions from a secluded Austin location the entire week of the festival from Monday thru Saturday.

I'll be flying in on March 13th only to find a few hours sleep before I get broadcasted via Internet "airwaves" to the ears of you!!!

This is a thing I've been keeping a secret for quite some time now and ohhhh myyyy how hard it's been… I just can not tell you all how psyched I am about this! It's such a wonderful opportunity and honor for me to play at AND during SXSW!!!

The wonderful guys Matt and Mike, who run the station, are just too great to be true. As you know, has two songs from my demo 'Wolflike They Are' on rotation - 'At Least Like Melissa' and 'Wolflike They Are'. This has helped a lot of wonderful people find their way here to me and every single one of them are welcome more than they'll ever know :o)

Well. Now I have to go and digest the announcement of this great news myself! I do need to warn you that some more BIG news will be announced shortly. Probably within a week - A week and a half maybe.


The songs on "Artist of the Week"

Sara Culler - Artist of the Week

Since Sweden is host country for World Cup in winter sports everything on Swedish TV and radio gets tossed around. So even the "Artist of the Week". Now the "week" is over but the songs will still be there for 30 days.
Go here - look for the picture above and follow the text under it until you find that little speaker symbol and the Swedish words for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Listen to the song/songs you want to hear (all of them ;o).

The show starts with a little interview and then there is a song - this goes for all the days.

So here are the songs they chose to play.

Monday: Keep the Silence - a new song that I originally recorded in a studio in Stockholm with a dance rhythm but this version is MUCH more stripped down and of course with strings and Tomas added electric violin played through an old synthesizer pedal, Åsa on cello and David on Fender Rhodes.

Tuesday: Wolflike They Are - Tomas added his electric violin played through the old synthesizer pedal - a totally different outré than I've had before and David on acoustic drums!!!

Wednesday: At Least Like Melissa - Beautiful with Åsas cello and Tomas electric violin/synthesizer pedal combination and topping it off with Davids great acoustic drums.

Thursday: Leave A Blank Sheet - New song from my upcoming demo. The strings interpret pretty backing vocal arrangements on my demo version. David added some great Fender Rhodes.   

Friday: It Shouldn't Be This Bad - New song from my upcoming demo. No strings on this one but David interprets my bass line really well and adds some great backing vox.

Tomas and Åsa and David did such a beautiful job - 1000 thank you:s to them for being by my side on this recording.

Unfortunately the interviews are in Swedish… Sorry for that - but the songs sound great!


Artist of the Week - A reminder


Starting today - Monday - I'm Artist of the Week on Swedish National Radio P4!
Tune in (102,0 fm) at 11.45 am (Swedish time) if you live in the south of Sweden or listen directly on the net via the link below starting this afternoon (Swedish time).

The shows Monday-Friday (February 5th - 9th ) will be available for streaming the following 30 days. If you don't listen today listen tomorrow - then you'll have two shows to listen to. Or on Friday afternoon - then you'll have all five (5) shows!!! I guess you can see the picture here.

Go here to listen.
Hope you enjoy!

Sara Culler

Artist of the Week - Swedish National Radio

I have been chosen 'Artist Of The Week' by Swedish National Radio P4!

Last Thursday I engaged in a daylong radio studio live recording accompanied by David Fridlund (bass, Rhodes, drums), Tomas Ebrelius (violin, electric violin) and Åsa Gjerstad (cello) + Sara's Boss BR900 (backtracks). We all will receive salary for the job which took all day which is great 'cause than I may finally be able to print the covers for my upcoming CD wich you all will love - hopefully ;o)

Anyway. This resulted in ten beautiful songs that will air together with interviews February 5th-9th, Monday-Friday at 11.45 am - 12.00 noon. Tune in on time or check
this link on the Internet, Monday the 5th of February.



I'm on the chart!
It makes me feel good.

Click to see the chart


BBC Northern Ireland!


Yesterday I said STOP!
Today I say GO!
Go - meaning that you all should go to this link, click it and then listen to the amazing radio show
Electric Mainline @ BBC Northern Ireland, Radio Foyle! It's hosted by the wonderful Stephen McCauley! He had the good taste in playing "at least like melissa" on Saturday, October 28th! The song is about 44.41 into the show but you should really listen to the whole show because they play great music! Here is the link. CLICK!

Other stuff:
- Swedish Public Radio P4 and the show "Absolut Skånskt" played "i bleed you tonight" taken off my demo "wolflike they are" on Wednesday, October 25th.
- Sara Culler live @ KB opening for Juliana Hatfield November 9th. Show starts at 9pm.

With love,