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The music listening deal with is down until after Christmas. So, I will probably not be able to post any songs until this is deal solved. But I thought I could post some info anyway ;-)

The newest demo for the moment is "You" Is More Me Than "I"
This Demo has not been shared with anyone except for my closest beings... Now it is your turn.
If you wish to own this demo please e-mail me @:
I usually ask people to send me a letter containing an addressed envelope + stamp for return and 30 SEK/cd (for forgin money please e-mail me first and we'll sort it out). 

    30 SEK

My first real demo is "sold out" (hihihi it's not really that serious but it's fun to say). No. I sold the last one in April, but I'll be more than happy to burn some more if anyone is interested... E-mail me as written above.

    30 SEK

I really wish that I could give you something to listen to directly. I'll try to sort things out for you ASAP - there might be a string or two to pull...

Thank you to everyone who has made my first day as a blogger loveable, you know who you are ;-)
See ya soon,

I love cats :-)
(Burnet, Texas I think. Sometime in the early 80's)

Posted by: Jean-Pierre Moya

Hello Sara,

Great to hear from you. If you want me to play your music on my radio-show Rockomondo( which I already did with mp3's I picked from the net, feel free to send stuff to this adress:

c/o Jean-Pierre Moya
19 rue de Courcelles
51100 Reims

And please check my own audio-blog:

( it's in French, but your can still listen to the music)

I'll soon do a page on David and David & The Citizens: I'm a great fan, and maybe you already read my reviews of Amaterasu and For All Happy Endings on ? I'll keep you updated.



Posted by: Sara

Hi & welcome!
Yes I've seen the setlists on - thank you, I'm honoured :-)
I absolutely want you to play my new stuff on your radio. I'll get back to you as soon as the cd:s are burnt. Your blog looked great - will listen!
And also -
the David Fridlund and David & the Citizens page sounds exciting!
Take care and thanx again!

2005-11-05 @ 22:04:33
Posted by: Starley Culler

I was just viewing your site and and interested in the Culler family. Keep up the good work Sara.

2006-02-07 @ 03:36:16
Posted by: Ken Culler

I have a son named Starley Culler in Medicene hat Alberta, are you him ??

2006-12-22 @ 21:08:41
Posted by: Sara

Hey Ken!
No, sorry. I'm not him...
Sara Culler - female - Malmö, Sweden. American citizen though - home town in the states - Dallas, Texas.
Happy Holidays to you though!

2006-12-22 @ 22:20:07

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