The other band to China

David & the Citizens will be the band that I bring with me to China.

We'll see if everything will work out. Money is the main problem...



Hey and thanks to the people who showed up at my gig at Mollevangsfestivalen. Now - I saw a lot of cameras flashing - I'm really interested if the photos are on the net somewhere to be viewed? I'd love to see them :O)

Rain is pouring down in Malmo today and the weather report reads storm later this evening. If I don't get some serious sunshine soon I'll have to book sun therapy - Otherwise I'll hang myself before the end of the year...

In a couple of minutes I'm going to load some files onto my digi porta and record vocals on an AMAZING bands AMAZING song. Can't wait to hear the result later on. You all will know sooner or later.

To hell with rain - I'm REALLY tired of it now...


In the newspaper

I've got a whole page in one of Swedens biggest daily newspapers thanks to the great journalist Sara Berg. On the web it doesn't look as big... You who read Swedish kan check it out below (of course you can check it out if you don't read Swedish as well).

I borrowed the pic from

Talk soon - Cheers,

China dates


The venues for my China tour are starting to drop in - The two first announced are:

- Beijing Pop Festival!!! !!! !!!

- Nanjing Art Institute!!! !!! !!!

I'm really excited about this!

Also - I might be doing some shows with two bands I really LOVE. More to come in a not too distant future. All I can say is it's in a country here in Europe!

Oh - And come to my show on the 20th - It's in Malmö - Home :O)