I just wanted to let you all know that I have found a printer! The details will hopefully be printed next week so - depending on the postal service - just maybe - we may have them within two weeks!!!

Thank you Niklas!

Very hopeful indeed,

How to Buy My Demos (an update)

To Buy My Music

Read this first!
It's always great to know if you're planning on sending me anything - in case the letter/package gets lost in the jungle of the postal service... Also - coins tend to ruin envelopes and get lost along the way so try to send bills but if this isn't possible tape the coins to a piece of paper or a card.

  1. Specify CD.
  2. Send money calculated/CD and an addressed (your address) envelope.
  3. Sara Culler
    Södra Parkgatan 33
    214 22, Malmö
  4. E-mail me before you order at:
    saraculler [at] gmail [dot] com

Click the pictures for close-ups!

Miss Takes - Light - The Night!
printed slip WITH Lyrics in plastic pocket!!!

50 SEK / 7 Euros / 10 USD

'"wolflike they are" (2006)
special edition (90 copies and counting down!)


50 SEK / 7 Euros / 10 USD

"wolflike they are" (2006)
ordinary plastic pocket demo

40 SEK / 6 Euros / 8.50 USD

"You" Is More Me Than "I" (2005)


30 SEK / 5 Euros / 5.50 USD

"Five Song Demo" (2003)


30 SEK / 5 Euros / 5.50 USD


new demo out!!!

Yes it's true. My new demo is finally here!!!

The demo includes the song "at least like melissa" and I can promise you that the other songs have followed in the same footsteps.

"jupiter and i" - a "orchestrated" song with a time ticking clock telling about struggles against something bigger than yourself. Click here to download or get over to my MySpace and stream it and other songs! Thanx to Magnus Bjerkert for lending me server space! 

"wicked autumn kiss" - the longing and wanting to be somewhere else - where autumn is ok - but autumn is also something darker and it hides amongst the trees - breathing down your collar.

"wolflike they are" - a song for two parties. One is told to keep their wolves inside - The other is told to shut off and run - but is stuck in it all.

"i bleed you tonight" is a love song from a warm heart in a cold place.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it!!! And PLEASE!!! LEAVE A COMMENT!!! ;-)


Two months ago I really thought my new demo would be out and circulating by March 16th
It's freckin' irritating, frustrating and annoying. Problems are all over the place. All I really need to do is print the covers. First I thought that I could run them through an ordinary printer but NOOO… I will probably need to hire a professional printer or something so the colors look good. I had such bad feelings before 'cause my covers looked sooo boring and ordinary so this time I thought I'd do something special… But there is a price you have to pay and at this time I really don't have that much money. I'll get some soon but I don't have it now… And I'm going to manage to pull this through - just so you know it - And Don't Forget It!
As soon as the papers are printed I'll put a song out there for you - Here or on my MySpace. We'll just have to wait and see…
I really hope that you aren't getting bored with me…
Anyway. Here is a miniature of one of my cover details (let's call it an appetizer ;-):




Today is a day where I feel like everything is hopeless and that the forces in the music world of Sweden are against me. That's when I turn to good memories - my safe places.
One recent safe place is when Lisa Wall @ Casino P4 (Swedish Public Radio Channel 4) played "My Newborn Name (Duet with David Fridlund)". This weeks Joker - this weeks demo - Lisa Wall states:
"Sara and David have the experience of singing together - but here their voices are opposed. And it is so obviously Sara's own (sound) - not David as a solo artist or David & the Citizens - Welcome Sara"!
Other than Lisa - Sweden is a cold place right now. Not because of the snow but because of the silence…
You people out there familiar with the Swedish language visit the joker page

Another safe place is in my music. The songs are now completely done. I've been having issues with the art work but hopefully I'll get it sorted out ASAP…

I appreciate your every single visit to this blog. It would be nice to read more comments - then I can see you as something more than the statistics when I log in...

It's a lonely job but hey, I got to do it - otherwise I'll be a no one to myself.

From me to me - shut the whining and get back to work…

Kiss and good day to you all,


Soon, soon, soon

I'm getting there. Three channels left. All of them supposedly filled with vocals. Gonna try a printer. Photo printer. Hopefully beautiful cover. Need sleep now. Play late gig tomorrow with David. Life continuing. Same sad sighs. More glow today though... Therefore three channels left. All of them supposedly filled with vocals - before Monday.

You'll get demo soon. Me tired now. Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.


The saddest things...

…are unfortunately dancing around me/us right now. Two have past into shadow and one will barely be able to see the light of tomorrow. Why does the sun shine on the darkest days? Is it to show us every single beautiful, existing thing or is it plain mocking? Spring flowers opening them selves up and letting their petals out. Life. Continuing. The continuity of breath… Like the machinery that never stops… Be still and you'll see that everything keeps going. Watch the world go round. You're the center of your existence. No wonder that people, in the olden days, thought that the universe evolved around this tiny planet. One is always alone - even when in company. One will always live life alone. No one can ever live your life for you. The hurt is yours alone even so the happiness… But all can be shared when understood… I love spring but somehow it's always been the part of the year when life gets tough…


I can't say that I'm in the recording mood I'm supposed to be in. In these moments it's usually about keeping with it all. Today and yesterday weren't those days. I'm trying to get this demo ready. I feel the pressure and it needs to be done. I'm so close to the finish line but I think I'll have to take it one day at a time. I'm tired.

Today I'll go and exchange some dollars (demo money) to be able to buy some of the stuff for the cover work. I really hope you'll like it.

One day at a time.


A Small Recording Update

After a little computer break and chat with a friend of mine I decided to write a small little recording update.

Got to get back to the porta studio - got to get back to the porta studio - say, "f**k you" to one of the songs 'cause it's not really cooperating with me right now... Start a new one - it's really a clean and quiet song compared to the others... so this'll be what my ears need right now. They are just sooo fed up with this one song. It's kind of fun - working on a lot of songs simultaneously. I usually tend to over work on one song - finish it and then move on - but this time it's different. I can easily drop one song when I get tired or my ears go all numb and gracefully move on to a new and fresh song. So right now I hate "Wicked Autumn Kiss" but I'll hopefully love working with "I Bleed You Tonight" for a while.

All in all - three songs are totally done - One is one second from being finished - One is in the finishing.

By for now,

On The Radio

Around 8.40 PM this Sunday evening Lisa Wall (radio show host for Casino) played "My New Born Name" - Taken from my 2003 Five Song Demo. It was great to hear oneself on the air! Finally!!! Thank you Lisa! Every week Casino issues a theme called the Joker where they choose a band or a solo artist that deserves the attention and the ears of listeners.
If you feel like it, you should
click here and listen to the show.
Thank you again Lisa!

Stay true,

Sara Culler on Swedish Public Radio Channel 4


The radio show Casino, on Swedish public radio channel 4, will play me on their broadcast this coming Sunday! The show airs at 7.30 (Central European Time) and has a total of 3.5 hours of airtime. This will probably be the first time ever for any Swedish radio station to play me so tune in if you're in the country or click on the link
here for Casino's homepage and listen after broadcasting.  Too Late - New Show.
For you non-Swedes:                                                                                                                  
To the left where it says Del 1, Del 2 Del 3 & Del 4 - This means - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4. This is where you listen. Listen to the whole show - They play great music - From unheard acts like me to more heard of acts like The Radio Dept. and David Fridlund and to even more heard of acts like Richard Thompson and Van Morrison!
So. Tune in, turn off or drop out!

The Demo Process:
Details on two songs are now in the finishing.
Artwork is done but… What shape will it take? THAT, my friends, that is THE question!
More to come ;-)