A slightly better world

Today the world feels like a slightly better world - Thank you Barak Obama.

"I'm not gone"

So it's been a while. I still don't know what to write but I thought I'd write you all a short note just to say, "I'm not gone".

In some ways I've slipped back into my old self. You know the one that's questioning every single face I see around my neighborhood - Are they poisoned by their lies? The bad people that hurt me to death some years ago now - They STILL hurt me. The people with NO insight into themselves. The bullies that finally drove me to radical actions towards myself. The people not worth anything but they got my attention and obviously still gets it... They knew - 'Cause I told them, you told them and they told them - But did they listen, could they see? No - They just kept to their own story, spread it with the wind and Internet - So how could I know? How could I know who's filled with the wrong story? How can I trust anyone?