The Forfey Festival / Fashion Police Studio - An Update

Fasion Police Studio

It’s the third day here at the Fashion Police Studio in Stockholm. You walk downhill in a corridor through some doors and into the office you go. About three meters under ground. Deeper lies the studio. About eight meters under ground. The studio control room is quite small. Not too small but cozy. In the other room there are about 15 to 20 vintage synthesizers, keyboards, amps and mics. I’ve just been adding a really irritating synthesizer melody that got me confused all the time and made me think that being born with my umbilical cord around my neck may have caused a sufficient amount of oxygen loss to my brain therefore causing these difficulties in concentrating………… You know – standing in the studio - feeling pretty Neanderthal… 

The Forfey Festival

Forfey Festival RULED! I’ll have to say that I have NEVER in my entire life met sooo many wonderful, professional, hospitable, fun and warm hearted people within three days as I did in Northern Ireland. BIG THANKS to everyone!!! Matt, Lee and Dave – Awesome job, guys! Everyone at the farm – thank you for being! The farm was in the NI countryside and looking out our bedroom window we saw “Hobbiton”. Green, green and luscious hills, trees and fields – You just expected to see round doors and windows at any time. Hugs to everyone I met during this journey! You made me want to move to NI… 

The gig was my first gig and I thought I was going to be so nervous that I’d throw up but I wasn’t. The audience was great! Tank you sooo much for being there. Some of you had come a long way to the festival and some of you had come a long way to actually see me – how flattering is that! You were all amazing!
The gig went great anyhow – some small mistakes but hey – who’s perfect? 

Here is the setlist: 

Close To Heart
Wicked Autumn Kiss
It Shouldn’t Be This Bad
Leave a Blank Sheet
Jupiter and I
At Least Like Melissa
Wolflike They Are
I Bleed You Tonight 

Once again – HUGS TO EVERYONE I MET IN NORTERN IRELAND – You’ve always got a place to stay or a person to call!!! 


For the first time in a studio!!!

Ok. On Friday morning (6.11 am) I'll be leaving for Ireland to play my first gig as a solo artist! "For the first time ... in a bright light" (you know who you are and thank you ;O)!!! I have been rehearsing MUCHOS and it's actually starting to sound really good and professional!

As if debuting live isn't enough... I'll be travelling directly from Ireland to Stockholm to record some of MY OWN songs in a REAL studio! My own songs! For the first time in a studio! We are starting with four days of recording but I'll be going back and forth to Stockholm a couple of times this fall. The end result - the final product of the recording will have to be the next surprise in this long growing row of chain effects… Thank you Little Animal ;O)!!!

If you are someone with the interest in releasing my songs or in any other business way needing to get in contact with me please go about it
this way.

Yours truly,
Sara Culler

Contacting Me

For very important contact:

Sara Culler
Södra Parkgatan 33
214 22

+46 (0) 705 907462

saraculler [at] gmail [dot] com

or leave name and preferred contact method below.

Thank you for visiting,
Sara Culler

Ireland here I come!

I'm at the rehearsal space now almost EVERY day. David has learned the bass lines and also refreshed the drums. The porta studio backtracking me is of course flawless… There is one problem though - my voice. I think it's got to do with a cold, wet, damp and beer filled Emmaboda Festival… I don't really know what to do other than sip hot tea and eat apples, which reminds me - gotta go buy some more tea and apples…

The set is almost in place. I will be directing you through the passages of my latest demo "Wolflike They Are" and also through the hazy shade of three new songs - which I really hope you (the audience) will like.

It'll be an early morning. David and I'll be leaving with the 6.11 train to Gothenburg where the flight departs at Gothenburg City Airport. We play with David & the Citizens on the big stage at the Malmö Festival the night before - but there will be NO PARTYING afterwards - straight to bed…

I have the feeling that Ireland is going to be great! Since this whole thing first got started I haven't talked to ANYONE who hasn't been awesomely, incredibly and magnificently nice! Thank you guys!


Sara Culler - Live Debut In Ireland

Yes, it is true!
I'll be doing my (solo) live debut in Ireland!
Forfey Festival asked me over and I thought it was a GREAT opportunity so  they will be flying us (David and I) over on August 25th. We will be performing songs off my two latest demos + some new ones. David will be playing drums, bass and a little guitar + backing vocals on different tracks (not all at the same time ;O). I'll be handling the porta studio that will be playing back tracks and also focusing on guitar and vocals.
It's going to be FUN but I hope my nerves will cope… When debuting with David Fridlund (the solo project) my nerves were cooking… Therefore my mind went blank about ten times when on stage…

Visit the Festivals
Home Page

their MySpace

To a semi-related thing - I may have found a third band member or let's say - He may have found me… More to come.

Well, I got to go and teach David some bass lines now.




Brace yourselves 'cause here comes one of the greatest bands of all time - OPPENHEIMER!!!
A duo from Belfast making great guitar pop/electronic music! And they are the nicest fellows too!
In short. It started with a friend request on MySpace - One of them really liked
my music -  What can one do in return but spread the news about them!
I just received their album - It's only out in the US but I bet it won't take long until all of Europe loves them too... Go ahead - Go love them you too!!!

Please visit their MySpace page HERE

You all living in the US - LUCKY you! They just started their tour there (more info on their MySpace...)!!!
/Sara totally psyched

Listen to wolflike they are - Help me get back up!

Maybe some of you were on vacation and maybe some of you weren't. The thing is that I was on Swedish Public Radio P3 on the show P3 Lab. 
I became "most wanted" (in a positive way) two weeks ago but now I've slipped down a few steps.
Help me get back up by visiting:
P3 Lab's list of most wanted (mest efterfrågade - in Swedish) the second list on the page and click on the preferred player after my name Sara Culler - Real or Win.
Thank you tons for helping,