War against the flue...

I've got the flue. I've been home and in the "office" since the 28th but I'm down with some fluelike cold... High fever, cough, cold blisters, Rudolf nose - You name it - I've got it...
Cold Nose
Everything has been put on hold - Even my surprise to you all... We'll just have to wait and see what happens after this weekend...

I really hope you all can forgive me for this - I don't want you to think that I'm boring and so on...

I know I've been getting a LOT of new visitors lately! It would be great to know where you're from and how you found me... Hint   ;o)  If you didn't check them out already - check out my downloads
here. Oh - and don't forget to check out my MySpace if you want to be my friend as well - HERE!!!  :O)

I'm not going to hug you all today - Don't want you to get what I have...

And so I wave from a far...

On the road

Hey guys.
Sorry for not updating my blog here - but I'm out on tour with David & the Citizens (unfortunately not playing my own stuff) and will not be back in the office (read home) until November 28th. Hope that you'll stick with me even though I'm not entertaining you at the moment.  :O)

A Release

OK, ok. I'll put it to you straight. "At Least Like Melissa" is now featured on a compilation CD that the wonderful FINGERTIPS MUSIC has put out! The CD is called "Fingertips: Unwebbed" and is a collection of 13 songs from 13 of the BEST independent artists featured on the Fingertips Music site during it's first three years of existence.

Read more about the CD here and for online liner notes go here.

It's an HONOR for me to be on it and I do want to thank Jeremy, the man behind this great and amazing site, for actually liking Melissa :O)

I'll hopefully put a picture of the CD up here soon.

Happy Hugs,

My Gig at KB


The gig went great. At least David thought so. I thought it was OK but had some trouble with technical stuff… My vintage Japanese distortion (I call it Kamikaze distortion) decided to NOT WORK in the third song… I forgot to put the capo on the right fret… When I was to restart the song my digi porta didn't want to re-start… … … So A few words got lost in the beginning of the last song… Overall people said they liked the show a LOT. My friends said that the sound wasn't that good - the backtracks MUCH too loud which kind of buried the vocals in the soundscape… One good thing was that I sold ALL my demos!!! I only brought "wolflike they are" but now they're all gone so I have to fix some new ones for my next show!

One of the people in the audience -
Viktoria - AKA Mangobruden - posted a blog about the Juliana Hatfield show and she mentioned me as well. She took this picture and if you click it you can read what she had to say about the show (in Swedish).

Sara Culler KB

For you non-Swedes:
Sara Culler was the support act. It sounded good. If I were to categorize her she would end up somewhere in-between Frida Hyvönen and Anna Ternheim. This will maybe become something. A pleasant listening.

Juliana her self was REALLY nice. She gave some great inputs about the music business - She's been around a LONG time so I HONESTLY respect her. I haven't really listened to her solo stuff that much. I borrowed "Become What You Are" a few times at the library. She gave me her new album and her address so that I can send her my music. I'll be listening to it today!

This coming week there may be a possibility that I'll be posting a LOT of news!!!

Take care,

Gig day + Vitaminsforyou

So today is gig day. Let's see what my hometown goes for. A little refresher:

Sara Culler Live @ KB - Opening for Juliana Hatfield - Doors open at 20.00 - Show starts at 21.00 - Fee 100 SEK.

Yesterday I went to see a show that I've waited for a looong time now. Bryce Kushnier and his
Vitaminsforyou!!! It was great! As expected… The sound was a bit on the loud side which kind of made the vocals a bit harder to find in the soundscape but STILL a truly great show!

Bryce and his friend Sara will be staying to see me play tonight! That's an honor :O) We'll be having them at our place tonight before Bryce continues off to Spain tomorrow for a gig on November 11th.

Got to go now - Today is also STRESS day…


Seventeen again!

Yo La Tengo

So after thirteen years of desperate longing I finally got to see Yo La Tengo yesterday! The thing is that I've missed them every time they've visited Malmö… But now -finally! They played a two hour set with an amazing blend of old and new. I haven't heard that much of the new album but MAN! AMAZING albums like "May I Sing with Me", "Painful", "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" and "And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-out" + various cassettes have been triggering the musical part of my brain since I was 15 years old. NO band has the dynamics and the skills to master such a wide variety of musical forms and figures as Yo La Tengo. The nostalgic and soft "drone-ish" songs counter the punk and sharp-edged counter the pure pop yet keeping mind-blowing melodies and harmonies all the way through! Captivating!!!

The last two encores they took requests. I felt something bubbling inside… I didn't dare at first. When I was seventeen I could scream my lungs out just to hear a song at a show but that was a long time ago… I finally took the leap and yelled "Detouring America With Horns"!!! Ira said:
- "Polls are closed" … and then they went off stage. When they entered the last time He said:
- "We will only be doing two more songs" … then the last song came and he said:
- "The last request came from somewhere over here and pointed towards me"!!!
THEY freakin' played my request!!!!!! Detouring America With Horns!!!

And it doesn't end here...   :O)

Today I had a coffee date with together with David, his dad, David's cousin and his girlfriend. On my way there I ran into Yo La Tengo!!! I HAD to stop and chat - so I did for about 15 minutes!!! I mostly talked to their keyboard extra and guitar tech. Ira was there too but concerned with car cash I think. I complimented them on their show, the AMAZING guitar tech and explained how long I've wanted to see them and that I finally got to yesterday (on borrowed money). They offered to put me on the guest list in Copenhagen together with David!!! I HAD TO TURN IT DOWN BECAUSE WE DIDN'T HAVE MONEY TO GET THERE!!! … … …

Anyway… … … Grrrrr… … … We chatted about music and the US of A compared to Sweden and how I want to move back and actually BE ABLE to find a part-time job and have time to focus on music at the same time… They were interested in my music so we chatted about MySpace as well and so on… Right before I left I had actually sent them a MySpace message - Big THANX and so on…

When I arrived at the coffee date I was all jittery - like a teenager - star struck ;O) Just like the good old days when you allowed yourself to completely and excessively worship and devote yourself to music in that shameless kind of way! I'll try to stick to that feeling. You are as old as you make yourself and I intend NOT to get older for some time… Right now I am seventeen again!  

Georgia, Ira, James, X-tra keys man and technician (sorry I never got you're names) THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 24 HOURS :O)

Yo La Tengo Home
Yo La Tengo MySpace

BIG hugs,