Artist of the Week - Swedish National Radio

I have been chosen 'Artist Of The Week' by Swedish National Radio P4!

Last Thursday I engaged in a daylong radio studio live recording accompanied by David Fridlund (bass, Rhodes, drums), Tomas Ebrelius (violin, electric violin) and Åsa Gjerstad (cello) + Sara's Boss BR900 (backtracks). We all will receive salary for the job which took all day which is great 'cause than I may finally be able to print the covers for my upcoming CD wich you all will love - hopefully ;o)

Anyway. This resulted in ten beautiful songs that will air together with interviews February 5th-9th, Monday-Friday at 11.45 am - 12.00 noon. Tune in on time or check
this link on the Internet, Monday the 5th of February.



I'm on the chart!
It makes me feel good.

Click to see the chart



Well - since a LOT of the blogs on are experiencing the same thing regarding Spam I raise my voice to shape of the word above...

I have now activated "Spam Filter ON". People who have tried it say that some of their usual commentators can't comment. To that I say - If that happens - Go to my "Contact" post (in the margin to the right under categories) - And send me your comment instead. I still have to approve your comments and I do that at least once a day.

I wish I had a REAL homepage with REAL Spam guard protection...

One day...


More Sara on and this past week

Support Support Support

As I wrote in the last post - premiered "Wolflike They Are" on Friday afternoon (EST) on their daily new music feature AIRCHEXX. I'm on rotation on!!!

There was an encore of the artists from Friday's Airchexx on the morning of January 8th at 9:30 am EST.

These wonderful people at this AMAZING radio station featured another track from my demo "Wolflike They Are" - "At Least Like Melissa." Check out the playlist here!

I can't thank them enough so in return I'll be trying to send everyone I know to them - Including you!

I suggest that you all listen and support this great station -!

Otherwise - I'm home from the Fashion Police Studio and David and I have recorded two AMAZING new tracks for this secret split vinyl that I have been talking about. 

During this one week long session we have accomplished a LOT!

I may have programmed the best drum pattern thus far in the history of Sara Culler. I had the honor of having MR. Daniel "Gold Star" Jansson (currently member of Consequences and earlier of Anna Ternheims backing band and even earlier in an early edition of David & the Citizens - The Grass for Parks) doing backing vox on my track together with David and Mango (who has a beautiful voice)! Daniel also played some space guitar (with me on space echo).

My song had the working title "They Could See You Little Girl" but after everything came into place and beautiful layers of harmony vocals were added, I felt that the title may be "Keep the Silence". David thinks his song will be named "The Feeling Remains" - He is having similar issues with the title.

I also had time to add vox on a great song that is a collaboration - secret for now but not for long.

THE BIGGEST THANX TO Niklas Nelldal and Magnus Josefsson!

Oh - And I FINALLY got a hold of the Headlights album I've been searching for sooo long - three quarters of a year almost… I LOVE IT!!!

Will be back soon!


I’ve been played on the radio again!!! This time it was that had the extremely good taste in playing my song “Wolflike They Are”!!!

Check out the evidence here.

Otherwise – Great song creating and evolving in the studio today. Going home now but I’ll talk to you soon!


Ps. I don’t miss Malmö… Ds.

In the Studio - Again

I’m in the Fashion Police Studio in Stockholm recording a song for a split vinyl due out sometime soon in another country than Sweden – release secret for now… David is on the other side...

The are also electricity guys here… Loud drilling in concrete walls... ! … I’m actually thinking of inviting them to drill on my recording. Could be the missing effect...

I’m seriously considering my future this year. Touring a LOT will be a must and also getting SOMEONE to release my fullength debut… If ANYONE knows of a great band in need of an opening act – HOLLER! I’m listing bands to contact.

There will be a new download here soon. A pure Sara Culler song. Probably one of my best ones. Check back frequently to find out when.

Currently listening to a LOT of: David and I playing various instruments, Oppenheimer, Headlights, Via Audio, Thom York.

Now I’ve got a date with Battery – More drum programming – Then some serious keys…

Bye for now.