Double late Thanksgiving dinner, Advent and a church

Yesterday I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Two days too late but ok, whatever… Turkey with stuffing, sweet potatoes, string beans and pumpkin pie. Everything turned out fine but we had dinner at nine so that too was a bit late…

Early this morning we got up to get in a car carrying us to Lund and their famous dome to witness Advent mass. Lunds dome is a massive, beautiful church amongst old university buildings, reeking of distinguished heritage and dark secrets.

I do not believe in God. My grandmother did. She didn't believe in the theory of evolution though but that, my friends, is more my kind of belief. No, don't laugh behind her back - she lived in the Bible belt - Dallas, Texas and was ninety-something the day she died so the belief was normal considering age and habitat. I went to Sunday school when I was younger. It was a short thing 'cause I didn't like it. Well it was fun at first - more like story time - but as the Sunday ritual became regular I felt trapped and forced. My parents (who didn't believe either) took me out of Sunday school. I still feel that going to church can be like story time or even better, like going to a lecture in philosophy. It can be interesting and also if you don't feel like listening there is this tranquil feeling to churches. You can sit and contemplate… Besides. It's kind of sad that I, these past couple of years, only visit the church when someone has passed away... I love listening to the choir and the harmonies, arranged in colorful shapes that sweep through the great acoustic that is the church. That's actually why I wanted to go in the first place. In addition to the choir, they had a trumpeter - giving such beautiful but also sad octave to the arrangements. Lovely… After that we gathered at my aunts house and had Glögg, a lovely soup and saffron cake.

An old version of me

Tomorrow is Monday. This week I'm going to sit my sorry ass down in front of my digital porta studio (that I got from David for my birthday) and record seven really nice songs. Maybe, just maybe, I'll put out a mp3 for you… But please. Don't forget that you can
support me by buying my other demos. Support the unemployed and extremely poor musician I am ;-) Oh! And if you don't know of my music or me then click here and listen or scroll down to read, listen and learn…

Huge hugs to y'all!


Go Denmark!

I received a letter today. A very nice and smart guy from Denmark ordered both my demos ;-).
I was happy to find a present - a lovely mix CD containing a blend of good Danish music.
I've been following the Danish music scene with growing interest the past 8-9 years. The live act of Speaker Bite Me caught me first - as the opening band for Robin Proper-Shepherds Sophia - and I enjoyed their EP. Mew has been a favorite band for about 3-4 years now. Efterklang - so intelligent, warm and innovative. The Jesus and Mary Chain like band, The Ravonetts etc.
As I'm listening to the mix CD I'm convinced that Denmark has SO much more to offer than what is let out of the nations boundaries. It's about time the world gave up its lopsided view of Danish music.
Go Denmark!

The Danish Flag

And thank you for the CD!

Contemplating - Talking to Walls

Are you looking for some music from me?
Scroll down to the post before this one or
enter here.

I miss The Dixie House in Dallas where I worked for about three months back in 1997. It was a love-hatred affair with the 16 waiters and waitresses, kind of like a soap opera. All in all - the people I really got to know, the ones I hung out with after work, they all had their hearts in the right places. I still talk to them

The Dixie House The Dixie House in Dallas

There was frost on the rooftops today. For the first time this fall. It's kind of pretty - like the cold can be - but also freezing and deadly.

So, this weekend I talked to a wall. How about that? It can be stifling even in the brisk autumn air in which you cool your self off after one glass too many. Company is frail and seeking the verbal exchange with walls can be the key to exploring yourself. The echo may not be the only thing that will talk back at you. So take a listen to the walls - if that's the best you can get.

So, bye for now.


Ok. It's Friday. One week ago I started this blog and I promised you music… So here I go:

This first song is taken from my latest demo
"You" Is More Me Than "I". The demo was recorded
February/March of 2005.

Lies of "Justice House"
"Justice House" is all around us ~ the judging of "you" and "I".
The gathering of preconceived opinions…

The second song is brought to you from my first demo "Five Song Demo". It was recorded in the first half of 2003.

Blackbird Duet

Summer night ~ balcony and wine. The drunkenness of people echoes loudly from the pub below.
Hours later ~ summer morning. People have gone home and the Blackbird accompanies you.

I REALLY hope that you all will enjoy these songs. I'm right now in the middle of recording what will come to be my third demo. I'll post you a song as soon as I'm done. Meanwhile, take care of these for me ;-)

Please drop a note!
Sincerely Yours,

Oh, the Humanity...

…And as Sunday noon slowly evolves into Sunday afternoon - another week is about to pass…
Why do I bother buying the newspaper?
They are burning cars in France - Polar bears are starving at the North Pole because the ices are melting so they can't catch their fish and people are more terrified of being taken by a (at the time being) non existing pandemonium than realizing the fact that we will not have snow for Christmas any more…
Nature strikes back… The people of the world are fools… I'm one too…
I can't vote in Sweden because I'm an American citizen. I'm not allowed to vote in the U.S. because you have to have been a resident for at least a year within the election year. All I'm allowed to do is to vote in the municipal election (in Malmö, Sweden) though and that's got to count for something, right?
So when you feel that hope is lost on that extremely grey and dull Sunday afternoon - you complain about it on your blog and make people think that your blog is going to be one of those whining-and-complaining-about-your-life-and-the-world type of blogs and then you have to promise - no it's not. Nor will it ever be except for now ;-)

There WILL be music here. I'll put out a song for you from "You" Is More Me Than "I". I'll see if I can get this sorted out this forthcoming week.

Here's a Polar Bear for ya!
Polar Bear

Have a nice Sunday evening!

My Music...

The music listening deal with is down until after Christmas. So, I will probably not be able to post any songs until this is deal solved. But I thought I could post some info anyway ;-)

The newest demo for the moment is "You" Is More Me Than "I"
This Demo has not been shared with anyone except for my closest beings... Now it is your turn.
If you wish to own this demo please e-mail me @:
I usually ask people to send me a letter containing an addressed envelope + stamp for return and 30 SEK/cd (for forgin money please e-mail me first and we'll sort it out). 

    30 SEK

My first real demo is "sold out" (hihihi it's not really that serious but it's fun to say). No. I sold the last one in April, but I'll be more than happy to burn some more if anyone is interested... E-mail me as written above.

    30 SEK

I really wish that I could give you something to listen to directly. I'll try to sort things out for you ASAP - there might be a string or two to pull...

Thank you to everyone who has made my first day as a blogger loveable, you know who you are ;-)
See ya soon,

I love cats :-)
(Burnet, Texas I think. Sometime in the early 80's)

Well, I took the step...

Honestly. After finally having to take the step into the "real" world of publicity I still can't help feeling kind of out of my own "habitat".
This past decade I've been alone with my thoughts and songwriting. Well, that's not entirely true.
Once upon a time there was a little song that lived on a fine little compilation CD called The Amazing Grace Sampler. The song was called "Once Again, Someone Else". This little song was, five years later, joined by a demo EP called "Five Song Demo". Some of you may have heard of them…
All this has now come to pass and is, in my head, filed under history. Hopefully they will be available in the future…


This is my first written public appearance.
This will be the forum for you and me.
More will be posted.
This is just a start, a brief hello and
~~~ I'll see you later…