Now that I'm off to SXSW to play at ''s Loung Acts - Live from SXSW', I thought that I might leave you with some GREAT NEWS!

Ladies and Gentlemen - May I present to you - My indie pop anthem!!!

Sara Culler - Are You Sleeping.mp3

It is taken from my NEW DEMO!!! Real "printer printed" slip WITH LYRICS!!! Love and thanks to Lill Culler for sponsoring me - Now it's time to pay her back :O)

Miss Takes - Light The Night!
(click for bigger pictures)

Order NOW - Here!!!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Take care for now!

The best blog + Downloads + Vote

For those interested in reading what good people think of me on the net go to one of the best blogs around - EVER.

5 Acts - about me

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Downloads are back and to make up for lost download time I give you this song from my demo "You" Is More Me Than "I" (2005). It's a cover of Coldplay's song "Trouble". Enjoy it until I get my new hit song up here. Thanks to dear Anders Mortensen for server space.

Sara Culler - Trouble (Coldplay Cover)

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Downloads Gone - Temporarily...

Feburary 12th - Downloads up again - I just havn't blogged about them yet + I'll add some old gold as a surprise when I do so, so come back ;O)

Current mood: disappointed

So things have come to this:
My downloads have disappeared from the downloading possibility.
I'm VERY sorry for this - but in the end you will get - not only the GREAT songs that were there before but also this one HIT song that I have been "bragging" about (sorry to those who don't understand 'bragging'...).
Once you could download
HERE but now you can't.
Soon you will be able though. So you know.
This little fault doesn't matter.
Please be patient.
If you can't be patient - email me here and I'll send you the mp3.


Surprise Day - Cover Download!!!

Hey. Here are the facts.

I have been working on a cover off and on for about two months now. Last week I was too sick to put it out here but now it's Monday - I'm feeling better - New week - Everybody's at work at his or her computer - Bored. This is where I come into the picture. To be more precise - This is where my cover song comes into the picture. It's NOT a Christmas cover, sorry, but I hope you like it anyway…

I sat at the computer one day last spring. Obviously not my home computer since I can hardly count on e-mail being sent out of it… At a Pro Tools workstation, playing with some plug-ins. They had a sample of Redrum and I started to play with it as well. I saved the drum tracks - as a memory of my first "childish loop"… This little loop came on to a CD during the summer and that's when the idea came to my head. I could only think of one song that I could use the loop for - being in that tempo and pattern… It wasn't as laid back as the original version - Instead it was a bit more forced and anxious - If you guys know what I mean…

Anyway. Listen to it and hopefully you'll hear what I mean…

I had a couple of years in my pre teens when this woman captivated me…

The woman is Madonna. The Song is "Who's That Girl".

This is my take on it. It's not a happy take - emotionally - I think I turned things the opposite way compared to the original. I don't know Madonna's intentions but the video seems to portrait a young undamaged woman with not a single cloud in sight. My "girl" is the opposite. No one knows her. The ones who THINK they do get their dreams crushed and they really hate her when she finally reveals a smile… She's seeking a life that's brighter.

The song's recorded by myself on my BR-900 digi porta with one acoustic guitar and two keyboards. That's it. Hope you all like it. Please leave a comment…

Here it is:
Sara Culler - Who's That Girl (Madonna Cover)


Downloads (Revisited)

This is a post to gather all my downloads on this blog. Here it goes!

Are You Sleeping - Taken from the demo "Miss Takes - Light The Night!" - to buy the demo click here!

Trouble (Coldplay Cover)

Who's That Girl (Madonna Cover)

Jupiter and I - Taken from the demo "wolflike they are" - to buy the demo click here!

At Least Like Melissa - Taken from the demo "wolflike they are" - to buy the demo click here!

Lies of Justice House - Taken from the demo "You" Is More Me Than "I" - to buy the demo click here!

Blackbird Duet - Taken from the demo "Five Song Demo" - to buy the demo click here!

If you want info on the songs go to the right and click "download my music". Then the pages that I originally posted the songs on, will appear.

Oh! I don't want to forget to tell you all to download Luke Hoerstens cover of Blackbird Duet! It's a great version! To read more and to download - Click Here!

Handle my songs with care and don't forget - Spread the news ;-)



The demo includes the song "at least like melissa" and I can promise you that the other songs have followed in the same footsteps.

"jupiter and i" - a "orchestrated" song with a time ticking clock telling about struggles against something bigger than yourself. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or go stream it at my MySpace and take a listen to the other songs as well. Thanx to Magnus Bjerkert for lending me server space!

"wicked autumn kiss" - the longing and wanting to be somewhere else - where autumn is ok - but autumn is also something darker and it hides amongst the trees - breathing down your collar.

"wolflike they are" - a song for two parties. One is told to keep their wolves inside - The other is told to shut off and run - but is stuck in it all.

"i bleed you tonight" is a love song from a warm heart in a cold place.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it!!! And PLEASE!!! LEAVE A COMMENT!!! ;-)

A Christmas Gift to You

Here it is ~ As I promised ~ A Christmas Gift to You!
Click the image and see what's under the Christmas tree!
Maybe it can be the long lost mp3!

Christmas tree

The song is "At least Like Melissa" and it's a freshly recorded song!

I really hope you enjoy it and if you check back another day (probably next week) I will have posted the lyrics as well.

Take care of the song for me ;-)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Ps. For more songs from me click here. To buy cds click here and also; I really like when people write me so you are more than welcome to comment! ;-)  Ds.


Ok. It's Friday. One week ago I started this blog and I promised you music… So here I go:

This first song is taken from my latest demo
"You" Is More Me Than "I". The demo was recorded
February/March of 2005.

Lies of "Justice House"
"Justice House" is all around us ~ the judging of "you" and "I".
The gathering of preconceived opinions…

The second song is brought to you from my first demo "Five Song Demo". It was recorded in the first half of 2003.

Blackbird Duet

Summer night ~ balcony and wine. The drunkenness of people echoes loudly from the pub below.
Hours later ~ summer morning. People have gone home and the Blackbird accompanies you.

I REALLY hope that you all will enjoy these songs. I'm right now in the middle of recording what will come to be my third demo. I'll post you a song as soon as I'm done. Meanwhile, take care of these for me ;-)

Please drop a note!
Sincerely Yours,