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The great music blog -
The Fire Note - Reviews "Miss Takes - Light The Night!"!!!

They give it four flames out of five possible!!!

Go check it out here!


Yellow Lamborghini May 22 - 2007 she woke up and realized that this was not fun anymore.

The static sound of the prehistoric computer engine humming and cracking. Crash 1, crash 2, crash 3 little engine.

What was she waiting for? Who was she waiting for? Can she be heard by the Swedish chef or will he choose something else to shove into the faces of his people? Label her - Let her out - She's invisible to them if she's not out there but the Swedish chef decides who is - And she's not. Take some labels off of her, they are only lies. Let the Doctor read the verdict for the bullies - Let the people know she's true. Silence of the lambs and little Mary takes good care of his lamb - The lamb is not alone - It's got Mary - He takes good care of it. The chef of international cousin loves her! Too bad it's too expensive to be in love like that. Travel here, travel there - Love her here, love her there - They are all lovely but she can't afford to be loved like that alone and on her own. Label her right, label her right, label her right - Find her the right label. A label that likes her and takes care of her like he does with the lamb - Like Mary does - With the lamb that is silent. Mary can pay for the lamb to eat international cousin.

"Call in sick, check out well - Leave the mouse to eat it's tail. Everything in - Nothing out - She's got an ugly car in her mouth!!! Yellow Lamborghini, Yellow Lamborghini, Yellow Lamborghini"!!!

Songs of the day:
Rogue Wave - Sightlines
Cat Power - Metal Heart

Who reads this blog???

Who reads this blog???

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This time next year.
Keep it shut.
Keep it closed.
Keep their mouths closed.
Forever hold their peace.
Forget the music.
Forget the mind.
Forget the years.
Forget the light.
Leave a written word.

Moods... ... ... David is getting his hair colored today - That's fun at least. I gave him the opportunity instead of myself 'cause he's never been to the hairdresser and I don't want to color my hair EVER again. It's been through sooo much and I've lost a lot more than half of it due to certain traumas?

I hope it turns out OK - We have been talking - Red might be the way to go.

What's happening outside? Clouds again. I haven't seen the sun for weeks - Been inside during the best days - Working? It's abnormal to live under these circumstances - No sun, WAY to cold and mostly rain, rain, rain...

Carol of the Bells by
Outputmessage = The song of the day.
Of the MySpace songs I love Bernard's Song and Sommeil.


Radical Face - Ghost


I love the new album from Morr Music "son" Ben Cooper - Also known from the fantastic Electric President!!! Radical Face is his name in this new project that is entitled "Ghost".

Now - I'm not setting off to do a review of the album - I just want to let those know who don't already know about him. Read
this review and download the song Welcome Home, Son! It could be one of the most captivating songs I've heard. Hand clapping used in a not too common order to give drive to, to stress and to push forward the motion in the song. Where as in Electric President - These handclaps would be exchanged for some, more obviously digital, sounds (maybe the handclaps are digital but organic they are still) - GREAT! Symphonic and big chorus with that nostalgic, sentimental tone and scent that makes you all goose bumpy and teary eyed!!! !!! !!!
Or just head off to the Hype Machine, type Radical Face and click to whatever track - they are all GREAT!
Oh and don't forget - BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Radical Face MySpace


Are You Sleeping goes popular

Cajsa Lindberg with Swedish Public Radio's P3 Poplulär - recommends my song "Are You Sleeping" to the Swedish audience this week!!!


So you know ;o)


BBC Airtime - Again!

"Stephen McCauley for President" is a great song by my all-time favorite band - The Bar/None released and Belfast based Oppenheimer!

Stephen McCauley is the host of BBC Radio Foyle Northern Ireland's amazing show - Electric Mainline. I have mentioned both him and the radio show before - When he played "At Least Like Melissa" from "wolflike they are" - And now I'll do it again.

The reason this time is that he has taken a liking to my new demo - "Miss Takes - Light The Night!". This past Tuesday - May 1 - He played the last song on the demo - "Leave A Blank Sheet".

Now because Stephen is a great guy with an exquisite taste in music ;o) he will play more of my music on the show. If you want to hear the May 1 show click here (only good before the evening of May 8) - But I also think you should listen to his show more often and find new great, music - He also plays a lot of the great stuff that's brewing out of Northern Ireland these days.

When it comes to "Stephen McCauley for President" - I would definitely put my vote on him!!!