Luke Hoersten covers Blackbird Duet

A surprise awaited me as I got home from a trip to Denmark.
One of my MySpace friends had posted a cover of Blackbird Duet in my comments!!! Luke Hoersten is his name. Click the link to listen to his cloudy and pretty version of Blackbird Duet!

  Luke Hoersten's cover of Blackbird Duet                      

Go and visit his MySpace too!!!

Luke Hoersten

Luke - thank you, it's an honour!

Sara Culler on Famous For 15MB

It's now February and the issue with Sara Culler is archived January 2006 - 
click to check it out

Check out the new stuff as well - It's Great!


"Famous For 15mb is a completely new place for deserving artistic talent. In 15 easy to use spaces, we offer you the cream of all the under-booked and possibly overlooked musical and audiovisual artists from around this small planet".

A friend of mine kindly recommended me to the great people behind this site. It features a LOT of great and interesting music. On the 15th every month they will add 15 new acts. It could be you ;-)

Go check them out!

It's always nice to be noticed. Today I found that BBC 6 Music had chosen me as "this weeks choice" - the best free music they've stumbled across on the net this week! (someone elses turn now!)

I'm currently recording a lot. Don't give up on my blog and me if I don't have a lot of new and exciting posts every week. I'll try to do my best.
Visit my MySpace or even better, join MySpace and become my friend - I will definitely add you!

You About Me In 2005

It's a New Year and we call it 2006. There is a melancholic feel to the beginning of a New Year. It feels lonely, Grey and translucent as if it is what it really is - Filled with nothing. Yet. It's like a cold and damp engine of an older car - It stutters and coughs before it warms up. If you give it time it will run smoothly if not… As the year grows into itself it fills up - On occasions even overflows. 2005 didn't exactly overflow, nor was it a hopelessly boring year. It was somewhere in-between. In this post I'd like to give thanks and appreciation to the bloggers who in some kind of way have supported me and sent people my way.
Oh. I hope I won't forget anyone…

Craig Bonell wrote about me early. In April 2005, connecting to what I think was the American release of David Fridlunds solo album Amaterasu. Amaterasu featured an EP, White Van and on that EP was my own "Days That Can Be Ours" from Five Song Demo. Craig posted "Days That Can Be Ours" plus the rendition of the Pixies song, "Wave of Mutilation", that David and I collaborated on for the album "La La Love You Pixies! A Tribute".
In November 2005 I started this blog. Craig posted "Lies of Justice House" and wrote some nice suggestions…
Go check out the posts:
About "Days That Can Be Ours" and "Wave of Mutilation"
About "Lies of Justice House"

*Six Eyes
Alan Williamson posted "Lies of Justice House" as Morning Music: Something to wake up to… The next honorable post was when he featured "At Least Like Melissa" as SixPack 150 (six downloads in one pack - a SixPack). He also mentioned me "joining the legions" of MySpace.
Go check out the posts:
About Lies of Justice House
About At Least Like Melissa
About My MySpace

Fingertips Music
Jeremy Schlosberg started by mentioning me in his surf report. Just a few days ago I received an e-mail. I am honored to be featured on his "This Weeks Finds" (three songs each week) plus a very nice, first, real review!
Go check it out:
About At Least Like Melissa

Gorilla Vs Bear
Chris Cantalini found me via his own blog. A reader had posted a tip and the tip was about me. Since Chris lives in Dallas and I lived in Dallas when I was a kid we had some stuff in common like the fact that he lives just two blocks away from my old job - The Dixie House (read more here).
Anyway Chris has been very kind and written som nice stuff about me. His first post was "Lies of Justice House" and "Blackbird Duet" and also gave a nice hint to the readers… He also forwarded my Christmas gift, "At Least Like Melissa" and posted it December 22nd - I thought that was a nice Christmas gift - Getting posted that is.
Go check out the posts:
About Lies of Justice House
About At Least Like Melissa

It's A Trap!
Avi Roig (or Simon Tagestam)  has posted presentations and links whenever I added a song to my blog!
Just check out the site! 

David Fridlund
I love you and your help. Always!
Just Check out his whole blog!
David Fridlund's Blog

Thank you all sooo much!

All the bloggers above are linked to the right - Yes, that's right. To the right under links!

There has also been some heart warming mentioning on other sites. Thanks to all of you who have made my blogging worth while! If you have written anything about me that you want me to read please leave a comment below and I'll get over to you ASAP. I really love comments so you can leave some even if you haven't been blogging about me. I like you because you visit me here - That means just as much!

Yours Truly,

Better Early Than Late

It's like this. I have gone and joined a couple of million people and created myself a MySpace! This is something I've been struggling against for a long time - about as long a time as when I struggled against bloggs…

my MySpace I will have stuff that are exclusive for MySpace, like new songs that I really don't feel like giving away… … … Well, I know. It's cheap. But my demos are cheap too ;-) The selling of my demos can really make a difference you see. First of all - I do not have any other job than this (although I would like a part time job…). The demos I sell is therefore my only income and to make it possible for me to continue making music and burning demos I need to keep some of the songs unavailable for downloads. Well… So that you might want to buy my demos and support the "starving" artist I am ;-)

Anyway. You can now run over to my MySpace and check out some songs that haven't been available for downloading and therefore are "fresh" to the ears who haven't bought my demos or heard of me at all! PLEASE! Don't be mad at me. Be glad. I am. Glad that you exist ~ 'Cause without you I would only be talking to walls…


Better Late Than Never

Ok. Somewhat late but here are the lyrics for "At Least Like Melissa"!

I really hope the year of 2005 ended nicely and that you will have a great 2006! In the near future there will be another demo so hold on! I will also give you all a surprise, something more to read and listen to but not now. Later. Maybe tomorrow or on Saturday. Be patient.