Telephone interview!


I just did a "phoner" - A telephone interview for Swedish Public Radio P4!
They played "Blackbird Duet" from my live studio session + Close To Heart - The first song off my new demo "Miss Takes - Light The Night!"!!! The interview is in Swedish but the songs are not so listen!!!

Listen to the broadcast at
this link and click April 24 and then 15.30 - 16.00 Tuesday April 24.

The link will work for 30 days.


Stunning and Captivating

Lisa Germano March 22, Loppen, Copenhagen

It's strange seeing an artist perform her songs in front of a crowd I don't know - It's like standing naked watching her and the other people wonder why the hell am I naked (!!!). It's strange to feel that I know her well but she really doesn't know anything about me. It's always been her and me. Me in the room and her in the stereo - No one else. My feelings or her feelings? You know how certain songs seem familiar when you hear them for the first time? Not the instant-hit-familiar-and-that's-why-I've-heard-it-before feeling but more like this-is-the-song-I'm-writing-at-the-moment and because of the similarity in the feelings displayed - Therefore the connection. That's why I felt naked in front of the people there to watch her perform. It's like watching them react to her telling about my own private feelings. Will they realize there's a freak at the control panel in my head?

I've loved Lisa Germano's work since 1994-95. My favorite albums in order would be Geek the Girl, In The Maybe World and Lullaby For Liquid Pig. I gave Lisa my "wolflike they are" CD yesterday. Couldn't stay and chat 'cause I would have started crying - I was way too moved by her performance. It was a swift hello and hand shake - Thanking her for more than a decade of understanding and unity (not those words ;o)! The set - Don't know how long it was - I never checked a time telling device. I was watching the show goddamn it!!! Tears from song nr1. She knows how to emphasize the words. She's articulate so you can hear every single word she sings. It was her and a stage piano + bass player with a great feel for her songs. I can't write anymore about it. It was great. Stunning. Captivating!

Photo by: drees
Photo by: Drees

Other things that are stunning. I bought The Bird And The Bee's S/T debut album today. I've been waiting for it for a LONG time now. We were all out of them over here in Sweden - I don't know if there has ever been a lot of their albums here - I haven't heard them on the radio. Anyway - The album - It's captivating too. Except from the song "Fucking Boyfriend" - which I don't care for that much. The rest of the album is already amongst my top five albums ever! Go check them out:

The Bird and The Bee MySpace

The picture - I love cicadas - Their sound is stunning and they are captivating but in a totally different way than the ones mentioned above...




I'm going to see Lisa Germano tonight!
Search my blog for what you think I think about it or if you know already - you can hear me!!!

I've also seriously been looking into moving back to the States.
Since I'm a Citizen of the US of A - It's just a matter of when.
I'll bring my cat and man.
Just so you know.
So. Now that is official.

"That's your magnet to the sun!!!"

Reviews and Blogs

A little update on the blog/review front! Click the links (underlined) to find the actual pages and downloads!

First read the sweetest thing anyone has written about me over the net - Thank you sooo much Cathy - I tried to comment but couldn't since I don't have a blogger account... Write me if you read this!

The Greatest of All Time - Jeremy
Fingertips: This Weeks Finds - March 11-17
"'Are You Sleeping' - Sara Culler
And talk about a likable voice: Sweden's Sara Culler opens her mouth and some part of me melts a bit. "Are You Sleeping" begins as a placid march, with a gentle one-two keyboard/drum riff. With the verse come lyrical blurts, rushed between beats in a clipped but also smile-inducing way (I think it's that voice of hers, that beguiling tone she gets even singing in rushed bursts); but notice in and around the singing how the music is building by way of that swooping, supple bass line. It's setting us up for something, and that something turns out to be a sweet, expansive chorus--a great sing-along thing set against a whimsical pastiche of blippy, ringy sounds, having the effect of being produced by some intricate Rube Goldberg-like apparatus. Listen to the words, too: as far as I can surmise, she's trying to wake us up, she is, with that ever-powerful awareness of how much of our lives we quite literally sleep through. "Are You Sleeping" is a brand-new song off her brand-new EP, Miss Takes - Light the Night!, self-released this week--just in time for her SXSW debut, as part of a series of WOXY-sponsored concerts at the festival. I also feel impelled to point out that Sara is one of the 13 wonderful artists featured on the Fingertips: Unwebbed CD, which is currently available for a $12 donation to this here web site; details aplenty are a click away"

ALSO - Fingertips Top Ten: Current #5!!!

Lovely Joe from lovely has a lovely blog called:
Each Note Secure - March 13
"It's always nice to hear a new, fresh female voice hit the scene. It seems like of late, there have been some really incredible ones that I have been enjoying. From Julie Dorion to Tracey Thorn and of course Feist. But one that certainly belongs in that class but that you may not be aware of is Sara Culler. Sara is from Sweden and has an intoxicating voice that sounds as if she has been recording for longer than her young age suggests. You may know Sara from her time with the band David and The Citizens but she is certainly forging her own path with the recent songs that have been circulating around the web. Sara has just released a brand new EP as well titled, "Miss Takes, Light The Night" which you can purchase by following this link.
WOXY has taken a liking to Sara and her music, and she will be a guest in their Austin Recording Studio tomorrow at Noon. This is actually a homecoming of sorts for Culler, who did a good deal of her growing up in Dallas. This will be her first return trip however in 10 years. Enjoy her new single as well as an older cover of a great Madonna song"

The Futurist - The Independent Rock Blog of
"Yet another SXSW live session recap to get to today, and loads more still to come. Today we recap the Sara Culler session, which was one of my personal favorites. Sara traveled all the way from Sweden for the session and it was a homecoming of sorts for the singer, as she actually spent a good chunk of her childhood growing up in Texas. This was Sara's first return to the Lone Star state in over a decade however. As usual, we have the session photos, a full download and some individual tracks for download as well below".

The Always Awesome Alan @ *Sixeyes

The great Chris @ The Battering Room has a great blog too and has taken some good notice of both me and David & the Citizens + it was great meeting him in Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall.

Some other Sara Culler and SXSW Lounge Act recaps:

The always active Largehearted Boy

Indie Waves

Gimme Tinnitus

NOW. If I have missed any blog that you think I should know about, let me know by leaving a comment below. I have linked these blogs not only 'cause I think they are great music blogs and that they have had the good taste in writing about me. I have also linked to the blogs so those of you who are not familiar with them find out about them and visit them mainly because the guys and girls are better writers than your average music journalist or have a more relaxed approach than your local music store "know-it-all"... I find more pleasure reading what REAL people think about music than what bored "over listened" or "over studied", bitter professionals get paid to think ;O) Although - I have met some really nice and great professionals out there - you know who you are :O)

Here is a great picture from after I opened for Rocky and Shaun in New Haven, Connecticut
- Great Timesenheimer!!! Go become friends with Oppenheimer the greatest band on earth!



Opening for Oppenheimer - New York - Austin - Back Traceing


It was strange playing a gig in Röstånga - small village in Sweden - after playing gigs at SXSW, in and around the NY area! The show went great! David & the Citizens (David and I this show) opened for me ;o) A really great evening all in all and great food and Andy kept us company with great stories whilst throwing back beer way into the night! I recommend you all to visit the Station House in Röstånga - It's been a favorite place for about ten years now.

These past weeks have been amongst the best in a LOT of years!

First of all - In Austin I got to meet relatives whom I've haven't met in more than a decade! This is just GREAT and I love them dearly! I even got to meet my brother - Love you George! So sad in a way that SXSW was at the same time - It all got so hectic but now we have touched base and well be back in a not to distant future.

The second thing was going back to Texas for the firs time in ten years - This time to play music! My WOXY show was great but not flawless (says the self-critical artist...). I loved meeting the guys Matt and Mike and they were in this amazing studio that the owner James built! It was called EAR studio! Austin was GREAT and SXSW CRAZY!!! My favorite place there was South Congress and all the yard parties! All the gigs I did with David as David & the Citizens went great! FINALLY I got to see my all-time favorite band, Oppenheimer!!! They are the greatest and if you've been reading this blog you might have caught my superlatives of them a couple of hundred times. They played after us at the CD-Store End Of An Ear on South First Street. The great Thurston Moore played there the day after us!!! Anyway - Oppenheimer thought that they did their worst show but I was just sooo psyched to finally see them and just thought the show was awesome! My dear Texan friend Scott was there and it was sooo great to see him too!!! He became a regular hanging out with us the whole SXSW week. We even got to meet his cousin and her husband - They were great people as well! We got to see a Oppenheimer one more time in Austin and they were the best once again! Sooo sad to leave Austin - I've always been the one LOVING when the temperature hits 109F (ca 43C) - I'm not the three-five months of winter type of girl... Most of all, the friendly people who know how to treat each other nicely and also once again - My DEAR relatives and Scott!

New York came as a wall of ice with sub zero degrees hitting us as we got off the plane! Snow and nothing green on ANY plants! We did some good gigs as David & the Citizens and the best one was at Union Hall where Skippy and his crew showed us a very un New York-an welcoming and gave us a great night! New York was great apart from the cold and also that David and I got some CRAZY stomach sickness... When we played two gigs in one night (Mercury Lounge and Galapagos) I had to warn the audience that I might have to run off the stage or just have a Gwar-type show... The two last days in NY were the best ones! Temperatures hit the upper 70ies lower 80ies (25-30 C) and the city flourished! We went to The Knitting Factory on Leonard Street where they were hosting and Irish Music Showcase and Oppenheimer were playing. I got to meet them and some other people with whom I've been emailing with over the internet and reading about and business mailing to! Great show from Oppenheimer (of course) and all!!! The best thing about the whole deal was that Oppenheimer asked me TO OPEN FOR THEM the day after!!! So the day after David and I got into the van with Oppenheimer, their great sound guy Gerry and their two friends René and Adele and drove up to Connecticut and New Haven to play a show at Adele's collage. This was the first time Oppenheimer got to see me play and I did a CRAP show! Haha - I guess it all evens out since Oppenheimer thought that the first show I caught of them was CRAP! Great fun and lovely Corona all the way back to New York and we even got airhorned as they left us off by our home on 8th Ave and 20th St.

Love is in my heart for all the people who have crossed path with us these past weeks. Now we are working to get some serious money to come back! Below are pictures from my session!

Stay true!
Yours always,