Recording new songs

I'm currently in the process of writing and recording new songs. Here are some titles:
- But Are You Sleeping
- It Shouldn't Be This Bad
- Seppuku (Working Title: To Die By Your Own Hand)
- A retake/remake of one of my oldest songs "Once Again, Someone Else" is to be fully recorded and rearranged. It's a good song but it needs a new life... Like a lot of other things as well...

Don't forget:
No Injustice!
Be Kind To One And Other...

I Love you David and thank you for supporting me...


Duva - som för att vara snäll och ha fred i livet...

Downloads (Revisited)

This is a post to gather all my downloads on this blog. Here it goes!

Are You Sleeping - Taken from the demo "Miss Takes - Light The Night!" - to buy the demo click here!

Trouble (Coldplay Cover)

Who's That Girl (Madonna Cover)

Jupiter and I - Taken from the demo "wolflike they are" - to buy the demo click here!

At Least Like Melissa - Taken from the demo "wolflike they are" - to buy the demo click here!

Lies of Justice House - Taken from the demo "You" Is More Me Than "I" - to buy the demo click here!

Blackbird Duet - Taken from the demo "Five Song Demo" - to buy the demo click here!

If you want info on the songs go to the right and click "download my music". Then the pages that I originally posted the songs on, will appear.

Oh! I don't want to forget to tell you all to download Luke Hoerstens cover of Blackbird Duet! It's a great version! To read more and to download - Click Here!

Handle my songs with care and don't forget - Spread the news ;-)



Hi. I'm continuing my battle against spam here. This means:
Do not post more than one link / post or you will automatically be deleted...
I hope the "spammers" don't read blogs... Does anyone know how it all works? I felt that I had to warn you in some way...


Raul Blücher - better known, to listeners of David Fridlund & David & the Citizens, as "plastic dad" - is dead.
Words to few - feelings to many.

You are missed...


The Interview

The link for the interview is up now so click here to listen or if you don't know what I'm talking about - scroll down to the next post and read what it's all about! The Picture there is click-able as well :-)


About noon today I got this phone call. It was Lisa Wall from Swedish Public Radio P4. I had sent her a promo ex of "wolflike they are" but it had unfortunately got lost. Anyway. She called me regarding two things:

  1. To ask for a new CD
The interview was for one of her shows called Spotlight. It took place this same afternoon and at approximately 5.15 p.m. you could hear what was to become my first interview as a solo artist! She played "At Least Like Melissa" and I must say - It sounded REALLY good on the air ;-)

Swedish Radio P4 / Malmo Spotlight

Lisa said she would try to force the webmaster to make an exception and link the interview to their web page. Unfortunately the interview is in Swedish so to all of you non Swedes out there - I'm so sorry…

I'll be back with the link as soon as it shows up!




I got an email from a girl in Finland a few weeks ago. Her name is Petra and likes my music and is in love with one of my songs "My Newborn Name". Anyway. She brought tears to my eyes telling me that she had drawn a picture whilst inspired by my music. I asked her if I could post it on my blog. I'll let her speak for it:

"I was listening to your music one night, and got the urge to draw so I doodled with artpad ...unfortunately it was bugging on me and wouldn't save the link. The picture attached is my screenie of the final picture (on the program you can see it drawing it, which I think is amusing ;)). It's just a doodle, but thought you might like to see :)".

So. It's REALLY touching to find that there are people out there being inspired by ones music.
Petra: Thank you for being there!

By Ghost Kat - Petra

My deepest thanx to all of you,

For All You Germans Out There

If you're looking for the BIG NEWS about the NEW DEMO and A DOWNLOAD from it - Then scroll two posts down and you'll find it!

So. As I posted before, I'll be on tour with my dear David Fridlund in Germany all next week. But please - do go ahead and order!

For all of you living in Germany and about to attend any of the David Fridlund shows:
I'll be selling the ordinary version of "wolflike they are" on the tour! This means that you'll be able to get a great show, great David Fridlund CD's and t-shirts but also the very magnificent demo "wolflike they are"!!!

What I've forgot to mention before is that the "limited edition" version is only sold over the net. So if you live in Germany and want to order that one instead I'll keep a list at the shows where you can put down your names and addresses or go click the link to the right that says "Buy My Music" and follow the instructions there. "wolflike they are" costs 50 SEK and as I've written before:
If you are outside Sweden - don't fear!
I'll calculate the cost depending on the day's currency.

Hoping to see ya at the shows!!!

Spring 2004


If you're looking for the BIG NEWS about the NEW DEMO - Then scroll down to the next post and you'll find it!

I'll be on tour in Germany with David Fridlund (solo band) next week.
This is what happens:

  1. I will most certainly not be able to read my e-mail until the week after. That is the 15th of May.
  2. You should still order though! But this is so you know why I'm not answering right away…
"wolflike they are" costs 50 SEK and as I've written before:
If you are outside Sweden - don't fear!
I'll calculate the cost depending on the day's currency.

Lots of love,


The demo includes the song "at least like melissa" and I can promise you that the other songs have followed in the same footsteps.

"jupiter and i" - a "orchestrated" song with a time ticking clock telling about struggles against something bigger than yourself. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or go stream it at my MySpace and take a listen to the other songs as well. Thanx to Magnus Bjerkert for lending me server space!

"wicked autumn kiss" - the longing and wanting to be somewhere else - where autumn is ok - but autumn is also something darker and it hides amongst the trees - breathing down your collar.

"wolflike they are" - a song for two parties. One is told to keep their wolves inside - The other is told to shut off and run - but is stuck in it all.

"i bleed you tonight" is a love song from a warm heart in a cold place.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it!!! And PLEASE!!! LEAVE A COMMENT!!! ;-)