I will play some shows before I leave

I will play some shows before I leave Sweden. First up on the list is Linkoping on May 6 @ Klubb Din Mamma.

If you want to book me go to the "contact" link in the "About Sara Culler" text on
my MySpace profile.

Back in the saddle again…


I'm still worried

When will I ever feel comfortable enough to start to make music again and when will I ever feel the courage to be on stage?

I pay 650 Swedish Kronor (77 US Dollars) for one 45 minute therapy session/week. That is 2600 Swedish Kronor/month which is 31200 Swedish Kronor/year (307 US Dollars/month and 3688 US Dollars/year). Holy CRAP! This is a LOT of money - Money I still think THEY should pay + then some for the damage done…

Will this move help? I'm sure it will help some but I will NEVER forgive nor forget. Not that I think that they would ever have the self-insight to realize how much wrong they've done, but anyway… Let's all blame the witch and let her burn. And all the stupid ones are left to believe the lies that are out there… But just like The X-Files' Mulder said -
"The truth is out there". The truth is out ther too... You just need to ask the right source - But people haven't… Not with the right intentions anyway...

I'm moving back to Texas, baby!

Well. What I have been wanting for so long is now a fact. I'm moving back to Texas and I'm taking my lovely husband David and our beautiful black cat Beppe with me! We are leaving at the end of July! But I will of course keep on with this page! The city of Austin, Texas will be our new home.

There is a lot of hope and optimism with this move. I might even start to feel inspired again when leaving this cold and uninspiring climate. Start to write songs again and even record the hit songs I wrote but never felt the trust and self-esteem in almost two years ago.

It will be nice to go out to have a beer and watch a band again - Not hiding and avoiding bad-wishers and ill-seekers. Feeling life evolve, inspire and progress - Not the opposite. Not being in the shadow, not being ignored but being in the light, being acknowledged.

I look forward to the sun a lot. Not feeling like I've stepped out of a cave as soon as spring hits - Just like everybody does here. Depraved. I look forward to kindness and open arms. Good food and great company. I will miss family and friends here but they will always be there for me 'cause they are equally as good as the sun.

I already feel more inspired - Who knows what might come out before we depart!

Hugs to all of you,