A Christmas Gift to You

Here it is ~ As I promised ~ A Christmas Gift to You!
Click the image and see what's under the Christmas tree!
Maybe it can be the long lost mp3!

Christmas tree

The song is "At least Like Melissa" and it's a freshly recorded song!

I really hope you enjoy it and if you check back another day (probably next week) I will have posted the lyrics as well.

Take care of the song for me ;-)

Merry Christmas to you all!

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So it begins...

Well. It's all downhill again. I have finally started my recording and today I nearly finished a song! This may
be one small step for man, but one giant leap for me considering my whereabouts…
So, the process has begun and as I said last week ~ Maybe, just maybe, I'll post a song for you before Christmas. BUT you all have to swear you've been good and not bad. It may also help if you go to your local mall and take a seat in Santas old lap ~ Wishes can come true you know ;-)


For all of you looking for my music ~
here it is.

Otherwise? Yesterday David and I baked saffron bread, gingerbread cookies and a loaf of bread. Today we watched Lucia on television ~ At 6.30 in the morning! It was really cozy! Drinking tea and eating our newly baked.

I guess that's all for me today but take care y'all!!!


About the Nothing (not the nothing from The NeverEnding Story)

Well, three weeks until Christmas and still no snow. Not that I'm counting on it but it would really be nice. I have been delayed in my recording session. I do not have any excuses except for being totally sad regarding almost everything. Then, when you finally feel something tingling in your fingers, you have a blood filled blister on your left index finger and a big cut in your right hand. Is it a sign? I just don't know but it really makes you wonder… I sit here, spoiled, with my seven new, great songs and the arrangements all written down but what do I feel? Nothing. Sometimes your bed IS the better place to stay after all… All I feel I want to do right now is battle the emotions of not becoming one of those musicians that complain about their choice of life. REALLY, I don't want to become a musician that keeps whining about how hard it is to be a musician and how misunderstood you are… It's all actually extremely common. Like spoiled kids with their parents at supermarkets licking a lollipop and still wanting more… And the ones complaining the loudest are in fact the ones with lollipops in their mouths.

At this moment I lead a sedentary life - I'm my own artist. I don't have a lollipop in my mouth. I don't have a record company and I have not released an album. I don't even have a band!!! Well, my dear David is the only member at the moment but hopefully some more would like to join us…

I'm waiting. For something. To happen. I have resin on my jeans 'cause I cut some pine branches today to decorate the balcony. For Christmas. For David. For Ginny (who is coming to visit us Yeah!). For Beppe. And for myself. May there be snow.


Hopefully I can give you all a mp3 for Christmas, hopefully…

Ps. If you are looking for something to download
click here or scroll down, read some more and click when you get there... Ds.