A Christmas Gift to You

Here it is ~ As I promised ~ A Christmas Gift to You!
Click the image and see what's under the Christmas tree!
Maybe it can be the long lost mp3!

Christmas tree

The song is "At least Like Melissa" and it's a freshly recorded song!

I really hope you enjoy it and if you check back another day (probably next week) I will have posted the lyrics as well.

Take care of the song for me ;-)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Ps. For more songs from me click here. To buy cds click here and also; I really like when people write me so you are more than welcome to comment! ;-)  Ds.

Posted by: Anders

This sounds great! Thank you, I'm allready looking forward to 2006, and in the hope that you'll make/finnish the new demo :) Hope you'll have a nice evening tomorrow. Best wishes

Posted by: anneke

thanx for that song i will listen to it soon! i love your demo's especially the 5 song one! thank you for the great music and i hope youre having a nice christmas (again)


2005-12-25 @ 22:52:50
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Posted by: Sara

Thank you guys! I had a great x-mas!
Anders: There will definately be a new demo out - in the near future.
Anneke: Thank you for loving the demos!
Hope you both had a nice x-mas as well!
Write you soon,

2005-12-26 @ 13:01:28
Posted by: Kina

I sincerely adore your songs! This new one is FANTASTIC! I REALLY wish you could get a fullenght cd out - Doesn't anyone want to sign you? I would buy all your cds! Happy New Year!

2005-12-27 @ 12:25:54
Posted by: Gunther (with a T&H)

Nice song, hope Christmas has been enjoyable and that beppe got some nice cat toys and goodies and weird stuff like that....mayeb send him down the local kebah shop as a treat to chase mice or something...?
Hello to Mr Gunter The Great (the leader)

Gunther (with a T&H)

2005-12-27 @ 14:21:57
Posted by: Sara

Thanks Kina! Your words mean so much. You have no idea. Thanks again.

2005-12-28 @ 10:39:30
Posted by: Felicia Culler

Fantastic, your talent is unreachable!
(Ps, jag har lyssnat på den många många gånger i rad... Fungerar fortfarande!)

2006-01-02 @ 15:23:46
Posted by: Felicia

Blir mer och mer rörd. (Kanske också lite påverkat av helgens strapatser..) Kringå idioterna! Kram

2006-01-02 @ 15:44:17
Posted by: Sara

Ja. Tack! Låt inte nötterna knäcka dig - knäck en nöt istället ;-)
Men det är ju klart - Man kan ju klart vara allergisk mot nötter ;-)
Kram tebaks!

2006-01-02 @ 16:05:34

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