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I miss The Dixie House in Dallas where I worked for about three months back in 1997. It was a love-hatred affair with the 16 waiters and waitresses, kind of like a soap opera. All in all - the people I really got to know, the ones I hung out with after work, they all had their hearts in the right places. I still talk to them

The Dixie House The Dixie House in Dallas

There was frost on the rooftops today. For the first time this fall. It's kind of pretty - like the cold can be - but also freezing and deadly.

So, this weekend I talked to a wall. How about that? It can be stifling even in the brisk autumn air in which you cool your self off after one glass too many. Company is frail and seeking the verbal exchange with walls can be the key to exploring yourself. The echo may not be the only thing that will talk back at you. So take a listen to the walls - if that's the best you can get.

So, bye for now.

Posted by: j

i need to keep it simple...and eat
that was it

2005-11-18 @ 16:08:32
Posted by: the WALL

I know what you´re talking about! I hear you loud and clear! I´m constantly talking back but most people can´t hear me... So for the time beeing, farewell!

2005-11-25 @ 09:47:48

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