Double late Thanksgiving dinner, Advent and a church

Yesterday I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Two days too late but ok, whatever… Turkey with stuffing, sweet potatoes, string beans and pumpkin pie. Everything turned out fine but we had dinner at nine so that too was a bit late…

Early this morning we got up to get in a car carrying us to Lund and their famous dome to witness Advent mass. Lunds dome is a massive, beautiful church amongst old university buildings, reeking of distinguished heritage and dark secrets.

I do not believe in God. My grandmother did. She didn't believe in the theory of evolution though but that, my friends, is more my kind of belief. No, don't laugh behind her back - she lived in the Bible belt - Dallas, Texas and was ninety-something the day she died so the belief was normal considering age and habitat. I went to Sunday school when I was younger. It was a short thing 'cause I didn't like it. Well it was fun at first - more like story time - but as the Sunday ritual became regular I felt trapped and forced. My parents (who didn't believe either) took me out of Sunday school. I still feel that going to church can be like story time or even better, like going to a lecture in philosophy. It can be interesting and also if you don't feel like listening there is this tranquil feeling to churches. You can sit and contemplate… Besides. It's kind of sad that I, these past couple of years, only visit the church when someone has passed away... I love listening to the choir and the harmonies, arranged in colorful shapes that sweep through the great acoustic that is the church. That's actually why I wanted to go in the first place. In addition to the choir, they had a trumpeter - giving such beautiful but also sad octave to the arrangements. Lovely… After that we gathered at my aunts house and had Glögg, a lovely soup and saffron cake.

An old version of me

Tomorrow is Monday. This week I'm going to sit my sorry ass down in front of my digital porta studio (that I got from David for my birthday) and record seven really nice songs. Maybe, just maybe, I'll put out a mp3 for you… But please. Don't forget that you can
support me by buying my other demos. Support the unemployed and extremely poor musician I am ;-) Oh! And if you don't know of my music or me then click here and listen or scroll down to read, listen and learn…

Huge hugs to y'all!



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