Go Denmark!

I received a letter today. A very nice and smart guy from Denmark ordered both my demos ;-).
I was happy to find a present - a lovely mix CD containing a blend of good Danish music.
I've been following the Danish music scene with growing interest the past 8-9 years. The live act of Speaker Bite Me caught me first - as the opening band for Robin Proper-Shepherds Sophia - and I enjoyed their EP. Mew has been a favorite band for about 3-4 years now. Efterklang - so intelligent, warm and innovative. The Jesus and Mary Chain like band, The Ravonetts etc.
As I'm listening to the mix CD I'm convinced that Denmark has SO much more to offer than what is let out of the nations boundaries. It's about time the world gave up its lopsided view of Danish music.
Go Denmark!

The Danish Flag

And thank you for the CD!


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