Oh, the Humanity...

…And as Sunday noon slowly evolves into Sunday afternoon - another week is about to pass…
Why do I bother buying the newspaper?
They are burning cars in France - Polar bears are starving at the North Pole because the ices are melting so they can't catch their fish and people are more terrified of being taken by a (at the time being) non existing pandemonium than realizing the fact that we will not have snow for Christmas any more…
Nature strikes back… The people of the world are fools… I'm one too…
I can't vote in Sweden because I'm an American citizen. I'm not allowed to vote in the U.S. because you have to have been a resident for at least a year within the election year. All I'm allowed to do is to vote in the municipal election (in Malmö, Sweden) though and that's got to count for something, right?
So when you feel that hope is lost on that extremely grey and dull Sunday afternoon - you complain about it on your blog and make people think that your blog is going to be one of those whining-and-complaining-about-your-life-and-the-world type of blogs and then you have to promise - no it's not. Nor will it ever be except for now ;-)

There WILL be music here. I'll put out a song for you from "You" Is More Me Than "I". I'll see if I can get this sorted out this forthcoming week.

Here's a Polar Bear for ya!
Polar Bear

Have a nice Sunday evening!

Posted by: Karin Christensen

hi sara! nice to see you blogging! yeah, the things happening in the world bothers me too... like that violence outside Paris. When will it stop? It's so depressing.
I came to think 'bout the song title "Grey coated morning" today, i mean, it was grey coated alright. And kind of warm and steamy, too. autumn is here. (i've always preferred the word "Fall", it has a more melancholic feel to it)

i'd just love to hear some more of your music, i remember you doing a marvellous cover on Melanie´s "Brand new key", it was breathtaking!
i have listened a lot to a Richard & Linda Thompson album lately.... (Shoot out the lights). Have you heard it? Check it out for more cover ideas! "Wall of death" or "Walkin on a wire" in the Culler version would be perfect... hint hint
Have you seen testbilds! new (well...) website

Well that's all for now, I keep reading this blog!
Hugs from karin Christensen

2005-11-08 @ 11:33:48
Posted by: Sara

Tack vännen! Vi får se om Richard & Linda Thompson kommer upp på repertoaren - det var länge sedan jag lyssnade på dem (typ '98-'99, Åsnan mm...) men annars kanske vi kan ordna någon privat tillställning :-)

2005-11-08 @ 11:58:16
Posted by: Anonym

jag mitt dumma nöt trodde att man var tvungen att skriva på engelska... nåja. ja, det påminner om Åsnan-tiden *sakna!*

2005-11-08 @ 12:05:35
Posted by: Anonym

Dodetot äror bobarora jojagog sosomom totänonkoktote atotot dodetot kokanonsoskoke vovorore bobrora atotot vovarora inontoterornonatotiononelolol(?)
Ta hand om dig vovänonnonenon

2005-11-08 @ 12:32:38
Posted by: bojano

mysig polarbjörn! :D

2005-11-11 @ 19:49:19

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