The Forfey Festival / Fashion Police Studio - An Update

Fasion Police Studio

It’s the third day here at the Fashion Police Studio in Stockholm. You walk downhill in a corridor through some doors and into the office you go. About three meters under ground. Deeper lies the studio. About eight meters under ground. The studio control room is quite small. Not too small but cozy. In the other room there are about 15 to 20 vintage synthesizers, keyboards, amps and mics. I’ve just been adding a really irritating synthesizer melody that got me confused all the time and made me think that being born with my umbilical cord around my neck may have caused a sufficient amount of oxygen loss to my brain therefore causing these difficulties in concentrating………… You know – standing in the studio - feeling pretty Neanderthal… 

The Forfey Festival

Forfey Festival RULED! I’ll have to say that I have NEVER in my entire life met sooo many wonderful, professional, hospitable, fun and warm hearted people within three days as I did in Northern Ireland. BIG THANKS to everyone!!! Matt, Lee and Dave – Awesome job, guys! Everyone at the farm – thank you for being! The farm was in the NI countryside and looking out our bedroom window we saw “Hobbiton”. Green, green and luscious hills, trees and fields – You just expected to see round doors and windows at any time. Hugs to everyone I met during this journey! You made me want to move to NI… 

The gig was my first gig and I thought I was going to be so nervous that I’d throw up but I wasn’t. The audience was great! Tank you sooo much for being there. Some of you had come a long way to the festival and some of you had come a long way to actually see me – how flattering is that! You were all amazing!
The gig went great anyhow – some small mistakes but hey – who’s perfect? 

Here is the setlist: 

Close To Heart
Wicked Autumn Kiss
It Shouldn’t Be This Bad
Leave a Blank Sheet
Jupiter and I
At Least Like Melissa
Wolflike They Are
I Bleed You Tonight 

Once again – HUGS TO EVERYONE I MET IN NORTERN IRELAND – You’ve always got a place to stay or a person to call!!! 


Posted by: Mango

Hej Sara!

Tack själv! Mitt rum är helt omgjort, här är verkligen jättefint nu! Snart kommer min bror, han körde fel någonstans i Skåne.

Posted by: Tomas Ebrelius

Hej Sara!
Fan vad roligt att det gick bra på Irland! Jag är också i studion hela dagarna nu med lite olika grejer, skiftande rolighetsgrad/profit, det vill säga BRA MUSIK = INGA PENGAR, DÅLIG MUSIK = PENGAR Det är ju typiskt, varför vill inte folk köpa bra plattor utan lägger sina pengar på typ Schlager? Hoppas det går bra för dig i studion, hälsa David. Kram/Tomas
Sep 4, 2006 @ 5:15:42 PM

2006-09-13 @ 11:54:00
Posted by: Sara

Hej Tomas!
Va kul att du droppar in! Hemskt ledsen för din skull är jag dock - det är ju inte kul att tvingas göra dålig musik för pengar. Hoppas att det bra väger upp det dåliga! Annars så får du komma och hälsa på mig i studion för vi gör bara bra grejor (för inga pengar just nu i alla fall ;o) och får du idéer så får du hemskt gärna testa (för er som inte vet vem Tomas är så är han den mest begåvade stråk-arrangör-spelar-kille som finns!).
Hoppas att allt är bra med dig och Johanna! Vi måste ses!
Kram tebax,
Sep 4, 2006 @ 11:36:55 PM

2006-09-13 @ 11:54:37
Posted by: jason

Yeah, a set list, that means you played a show! Cool va
Sep 4, 2006 @ 11:53:12 PM

2006-09-13 @ 11:55:24
Posted by: Sara...

... is angry 'cause a webblogg goblin erased her latest comments... Fortunately the blog wasn't published so she could copy and paste the comments into her blog again... Grrr...

2006-09-13 @ 11:58:22

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