Surprise Day - Cover Download!!!

Hey. Here are the facts.

I have been working on a cover off and on for about two months now. Last week I was too sick to put it out here but now it's Monday - I'm feeling better - New week - Everybody's at work at his or her computer - Bored. This is where I come into the picture. To be more precise - This is where my cover song comes into the picture. It's NOT a Christmas cover, sorry, but I hope you like it anyway…

I sat at the computer one day last spring. Obviously not my home computer since I can hardly count on e-mail being sent out of it… At a Pro Tools workstation, playing with some plug-ins. They had a sample of Redrum and I started to play with it as well. I saved the drum tracks - as a memory of my first "childish loop"… This little loop came on to a CD during the summer and that's when the idea came to my head. I could only think of one song that I could use the loop for - being in that tempo and pattern… It wasn't as laid back as the original version - Instead it was a bit more forced and anxious - If you guys know what I mean…

Anyway. Listen to it and hopefully you'll hear what I mean…

I had a couple of years in my pre teens when this woman captivated me…

The woman is Madonna. The Song is "Who's That Girl".

This is my take on it. It's not a happy take - emotionally - I think I turned things the opposite way compared to the original. I don't know Madonna's intentions but the video seems to portrait a young undamaged woman with not a single cloud in sight. My "girl" is the opposite. No one knows her. The ones who THINK they do get their dreams crushed and they really hate her when she finally reveals a smile… She's seeking a life that's brighter.

The song's recorded by myself on my BR-900 digi porta with one acoustic guitar and two keyboards. That's it. Hope you all like it. Please leave a comment…

Here it is:
Sara Culler - Who's That Girl (Madonna Cover)


Posted by: Ann1

Fantiskt bra:) Cool och snygg också, har lyssnat flera gånger!

2006-12-04 @ 12:35:13
Posted by: Anna

Du har fantastisk röst. Trevligt med en cover! Du gör den jätte bra! Jag gillar den lite "darriga" rösten:)
Bra gjort med så få instrument!

2006-12-04 @ 13:54:30
Posted by: yogini

Mmmm jag gillade den också! Häftig röst! Väldigt olik orginalet, precis som en cover ska vara! Kul att du vill dela med dig! Kram a

Posted by: Anders

Sara, you've done it again. The guitar/synth (?) played backwards really adds something wonderful to the track. Simply amazing. Be proud!

2006-12-05 @ 22:03:51
Posted by: anneke

i finally downloaded it and i love it. you made me like madonna for the first time in my life ;)

2006-12-09 @ 19:39:57
Posted by: andy waltzer

This song never spoke to me, but was inevitably part of my soundtrack, growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 80's. I really love what you did with it, it feels different, like I feel often- a bit cautious and mistrusting but with a hope of something beautiful around the corner. Anyway, that's what I got from it. Thanks for being such a wonderful artist!

2006-12-10 @ 23:20:46

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