How long does it take before you realize that someone is gone? Not out the door or on a holiday - just gone - ceased to exist.
How long will it take before the online telephone directory will erase the telephone number - I haven't erased it from my cell phone - My dear friend hasn't even erased it from her own cell phone - She is still thinking of calling to see if it still has a voice message so that she can hear the voice again - Is the voice still there?
There was a flight scheduled to the Capitol City that night - Someone took an earlier flight.
A dark road. Two cars. One angel.
My dear friend won't forget. She may have a scattered mind but she won't forget. Memories may fade - but you can never forget.


Suddenly things don't seem that important. I mean it's been more than a week but you are ok. It's hard but your ok. My wishes still count in my own world because they don't stop existing. Things move on. Life is short and you got to work hard and fast for your wishes to come true so…

My Shallow Wishes:
I wish I had band members so I could present my songs as they are and not alone with a guitar and playback…
I wish I could release a CD so that I could thank all of you…
I wish to hear my music on the radio…
I wish someone would sign me...
I wish of lots of other things…

It's just Saturday again and nothing to do, no money to spend and no TV to watch (shitty shows & movies). I can even feel happy when I think of how painless these issues are… That's right. Remember to be happy. Life is too short - remember to smile :-)


Posted by: Anders

The first part is beautiful.

Don't loose your hope about a record deal. There are so many great independent labels out there, and it's only a matter of time before someone falls in love (like I did) in your music. Trust me on this one.

There is really NOTHING good in TV these days. Only reality-shows, but don't get me started on that one.
But thank god that mr. Woody Allen can fix that with some great movies released on dvd. And Seinfield.

And I ordered the Citizens dvd earlier today. Looking forward to see it, and especially listen to David's demos. Give him the best from me.

Best wishes, and don't give up with the music (though I don't really belive you ever would) :)

Posted by: Sara

Always there - always warm worded kindness from you, Anders. Thank you. Your words leave a smile on my face :-) And you're right - I would never give up ;-) Best wishes right back at you!

2006-02-28 @ 22:50:19

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