To update the recording situation:
I've been preoccupied with things.
First of all - one of the songs - Wolflike They Are - got into trouble by being in the wrong key when I was supposed to add vocals and finalize the whole deal……… I went blank and had to leave it all behind for a while but now I'm back in action and will finalize the recording ASAP.
Secondary - I've been in the studio with David & the Citizens - adding some vocals and also one or two ideas… Their sound has evolved and changed - in a good way. Davids song writing is one factor. The fact that Andreas Söderlund (of Niccokick and Sounds Like Violence) has done a great job producing, is another.


A promise:
Will get back to you as soon as the finishing is near… Those of you who have had e-mail contact with me
will receive an e-mail. Those of you who wish to receive an e-mail, e-mail me at:

sara (at) thecitizens (dot) nu

Keep with me here.


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