Better Early Than Late

It's like this. I have gone and joined a couple of million people and created myself a MySpace! This is something I've been struggling against for a long time - about as long a time as when I struggled against bloggs…

my MySpace I will have stuff that are exclusive for MySpace, like new songs that I really don't feel like giving away… … … Well, I know. It's cheap. But my demos are cheap too ;-) The selling of my demos can really make a difference you see. First of all - I do not have any other job than this (although I would like a part time job…). The demos I sell is therefore my only income and to make it possible for me to continue making music and burning demos I need to keep some of the songs unavailable for downloads. Well… So that you might want to buy my demos and support the "starving" artist I am ;-)

Anyway. You can now run over to my MySpace and check out some songs that haven't been available for downloading and therefore are "fresh" to the ears who haven't bought my demos or heard of me at all! PLEASE! Don't be mad at me. Be glad. I am. Glad that you exist ~ 'Cause without you I would only be talking to walls…


Posted by: agnete

hi i've just toured around your page and david fridlunds also and i love your music... And I'd like too see you both play in denmark so i thoght of these concerts there are held at Vega in Copenhagen called Mini-vega, where known and unknown artists play quite accousticly, and I checked the webpage and it seems like you can send them your material if you want to play. The webpage is: and I think both your music and davids would be perfect for these wedensdays at vega.
Just a thought =)

2006-01-10 @ 01:16:30
Posted by: Anders

I agree with Agnete! Please send something in to them. I'll take the trip to Copenhagen once again, just to see you play. And just the thought about you two doing a piano/acustic set or something like that together, makes me happy!

Posted by: ann1

Ja, det är ju sånt du ska göra!

2006-01-10 @ 16:14:05
Posted by: Sara

Dear Agnete thanx for loving my music! And Anders thanx for joining in!
I'll check out the possibilities! It's really great getting requests like this so thanx! We'll see what we can do :-)

2006-01-11 @ 22:56:23
Posted by: Sara

Proper smiley:

2006-01-11 @ 22:58:22

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