Luke Hoersten covers Blackbird Duet

A surprise awaited me as I got home from a trip to Denmark.
One of my MySpace friends had posted a cover of Blackbird Duet in my comments!!! Luke Hoersten is his name. Click the link to listen to his cloudy and pretty version of Blackbird Duet!

  Luke Hoersten's cover of Blackbird Duet                      

Go and visit his MySpace too!!!

Luke Hoersten

Luke - thank you, it's an honour!

Posted by: Anders

The link is down, and I can't seem to find the .mp3 at his website :(

Posted by: Sara

Anders you were right - it should be fixed now!
Take care!

2006-01-29 @ 22:25:33
Posted by: Anders

Hi Sara!

Thanks for the comment.
Yes, I have listened to it, it sounds great! Though I miss something new to the song, as I do with all cover-songs :) But yes, great! And what a geusture (spelled right?)!

And I find this scary. I don't really know how to feel in all this political stuff going on these days:

2006-01-31 @ 19:38:59

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