With birthday comes wishes

On Sunday July 23rd (this Sunday) - I turn 28.

I've survived the horrid year of death - the infamous year when all the post life geniuses end their lives.

Tomorrow I'll be beating the heat and the street, going down to the south of Germany to sing with David & the Citizens (they are having a major heatwave down there...).

I wish:
- our love will last forever.
- health will last forever.
- that I had a record label.
- that i had a lot of new, fun and interesting comments on my
MySpace and my  "home blog" when I get home.

Hope you all are fine and that you stay so ;o)
Take care for now,


Posted by: Anders

Congratulations! a bit late, I know, but I hope you had a wonderful day.

Posted by: Sara

Thank you Anders and I'm sorry to hear about your computer - THAT SUCKS!
Hope it gets sorted out for you some way! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

2006-07-24 @ 23:00:14
Posted by: stacey

how was it? fab, i hope!

2006-08-02 @ 00:43:27
URL: http://www.soundsofsweden.com
Posted by: Sara Culler

Hi Stacey! Thanx!
Well - so and so. Summer birthdays can be sad 'cause nobody's home... But on the other hand miniature golf with some friends and a dinner at a great Japanese restaurant with my boyfriend can make any gloomy birthday totally fab!
Thanx for asking :o)

2006-08-02 @ 14:16:34

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