The demo includes the song "at least like melissa" and I can promise you that the other songs have followed in the same footsteps.

"jupiter and i" - a "orchestrated" song with a time ticking clock telling about struggles against something bigger than yourself. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or go stream it at my MySpace and take a listen to the other songs as well. Thanx to Magnus Bjerkert for lending me server space!

"wicked autumn kiss" - the longing and wanting to be somewhere else - where autumn is ok - but autumn is also something darker and it hides amongst the trees - breathing down your collar.

"wolflike they are" - a song for two parties. One is told to keep their wolves inside - The other is told to shut off and run - but is stuck in it all.

"i bleed you tonight" is a love song from a warm heart in a cold place.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it!!! And PLEASE!!! LEAVE A COMMENT!!! ;-)

Posted by: Anders

As I said in the mail, I'm SO looking forward to this.
The artwork looks so cool!

There is a little mistake at the mp3 link, it is linking to .mp3to instead of just .mp3 ;-)

Good luck on the tour, I will see you in about a month in Aarhus. Oh, and feel free to tell all about it with words and pictures here and/or at david's blog when you are back again from the tour.

Posted by: Sara

Changed it yesterday - sorry...
Also - THANX and hugs!
See ya in Aarhus!

2006-05-07 @ 17:01:37
Posted by: L. T. Fisk

Jävligt fint. Eller ska man kanske skriva: Fucking great. Jupiter and I, alltså. Det var väl på tiden att du OUTADE dig. Sov gott. J.

2006-05-15 @ 14:12:45
Posted by: Flis

Ruskigt bra! Omslaget är fantastiskt handkraft :)!

2006-05-16 @ 10:47:14
Posted by: wouter

Hi there, I came here by chance, but the music is really very nice! I have been wondering a long time about the fact that the dark needs light to be visible. Maybe it's not true, but you can muse about it for quite a while. I have no idea what 50 sek might be though.
BTW: You should make sure to label your downloads completely (I have no idea how you do that), cause when you download 'jupiter' Windows mediaplayer and explorer don't show who the performer is.

2006-05-24 @ 13:46:10
Posted by: Wouter

Duh? Can someone translate? Something with God and a blog?:

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2006-05-24 @ 13:48:29
Posted by: Sara Culler

Dear Wouter!
Thanx for dropping by and for musing about my lyrics ;-)
Fist of all - 50 SEK is (with today's exchange rate):
6,76 USD
5,28 Euro
3,59 GBP
39,43 DKK
You didn't mention where you live so I really don't know what currency to refer to.
Yes. You are right - I really have to label my mp3:s right. I haven't been able to make mp3:s myself because of all the wonderful (read horrible) defects in our computer... Windows 98 - Pentium 2 - 700 MB storage left...
And to the translation part - it reads:
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Seriously - Thank you for liking my music and I really hope you'll come back :o)
Also. If you feel like dropping me a line and if you wish to purchase my new demo mail me at:
sara (at) thecitizens (dot) nu
Take care!

2006-05-25 @ 13:15:43

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