I got an email from a girl in Finland a few weeks ago. Her name is Petra and likes my music and is in love with one of my songs "My Newborn Name". Anyway. She brought tears to my eyes telling me that she had drawn a picture whilst inspired by my music. I asked her if I could post it on my blog. I'll let her speak for it:

"I was listening to your music one night, and got the urge to draw so I doodled with artpad ...unfortunately it was bugging on me and wouldn't save the link. The picture attached is my screenie of the final picture (on the program you can see it drawing it, which I think is amusing ;)). It's just a doodle, but thought you might like to see :)".

So. It's REALLY touching to find that there are people out there being inspired by ones music.
Petra: Thank you for being there!

By Ghost Kat - Petra

My deepest thanx to all of you,


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