Seventeen again!

Yo La Tengo

So after thirteen years of desperate longing I finally got to see Yo La Tengo yesterday! The thing is that I've missed them every time they've visited Malmö… But now -finally! They played a two hour set with an amazing blend of old and new. I haven't heard that much of the new album but MAN! AMAZING albums like "May I Sing with Me", "Painful", "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" and "And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-out" + various cassettes have been triggering the musical part of my brain since I was 15 years old. NO band has the dynamics and the skills to master such a wide variety of musical forms and figures as Yo La Tengo. The nostalgic and soft "drone-ish" songs counter the punk and sharp-edged counter the pure pop yet keeping mind-blowing melodies and harmonies all the way through! Captivating!!!

The last two encores they took requests. I felt something bubbling inside… I didn't dare at first. When I was seventeen I could scream my lungs out just to hear a song at a show but that was a long time ago… I finally took the leap and yelled "Detouring America With Horns"!!! Ira said:
- "Polls are closed" … and then they went off stage. When they entered the last time He said:
- "We will only be doing two more songs" … then the last song came and he said:
- "The last request came from somewhere over here and pointed towards me"!!!
THEY freakin' played my request!!!!!! Detouring America With Horns!!!

And it doesn't end here...   :O)

Today I had a coffee date with together with David, his dad, David's cousin and his girlfriend. On my way there I ran into Yo La Tengo!!! I HAD to stop and chat - so I did for about 15 minutes!!! I mostly talked to their keyboard extra and guitar tech. Ira was there too but concerned with car cash I think. I complimented them on their show, the AMAZING guitar tech and explained how long I've wanted to see them and that I finally got to yesterday (on borrowed money). They offered to put me on the guest list in Copenhagen together with David!!! I HAD TO TURN IT DOWN BECAUSE WE DIDN'T HAVE MONEY TO GET THERE!!! … … …

Anyway… … … Grrrrr… … … We chatted about music and the US of A compared to Sweden and how I want to move back and actually BE ABLE to find a part-time job and have time to focus on music at the same time… They were interested in my music so we chatted about MySpace as well and so on… Right before I left I had actually sent them a MySpace message - Big THANX and so on…

When I arrived at the coffee date I was all jittery - like a teenager - star struck ;O) Just like the good old days when you allowed yourself to completely and excessively worship and devote yourself to music in that shameless kind of way! I'll try to stick to that feeling. You are as old as you make yourself and I intend NOT to get older for some time… Right now I am seventeen again!  

Georgia, Ira, James, X-tra keys man and technician (sorry I never got you're names) THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 24 HOURS :O)

Yo La Tengo Home
Yo La Tengo MySpace

BIG hugs,

Posted by: Yogini

Vill önska dig all lycka till imorgon! Jag hinner tyvärr inte komma men jag är där i tankarna och det kommer gå great!! Ha kul! Det är viktigast!

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