Better than quietness

As I've mentioned in a few posts now, I'm working on finishing my new demo "The Summer of Fallen Miss Takes". I just finished one of the poppiest tunes I've ever created to this day... I'm also working on a surprise for you all. We'll just have to wait and see when it'll be done. I'm not even sure that it will work out. It's a complicated thing at the moment and some of you might not even like it ;o)
I'm also planning two cooperations. To little has happened yet to mention them more but they're there.
You could hop over to the label Smalltown America's homepage and read an
interview with my friend Rocky O'Reilly from the best band ever - Oppenheimer. He's a great friend and fan of mine and has so kindly mentioned me in this interview. I bet some of you think - no biggie - but it warms my heart :O)
Ok - that's all for now and it's not much but it's something.
Better than quietness...


Older news:
  • New gig as opening act to Juliana Hatfield at KB in Malmö, Sweden on November 9th. Scroll down to find more info about it.
  • Downloads still available here.


Posted by: anna

Vad roligt att du det går framåt för dig och din musik! Ett gig i hemstaden är ju helt fantastiskt! Sträck på dig! Jag följer din blogg för att se vad som händer...segt ibland när den inte jag är inte bättre med min blogg...ehehhee....busy, busy..;)

Har du kanske tid att ses till helgen över en kopp kaffe?


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